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SW AA Regional Preview and Predictions (160-182)


This will be a McGill and Yingling final here. I do not think Yingling has what it takes to get past McGill, but I know he is tough and competitive. This is technique vs. power. I will give the title to McGill by 4-5 points. I actually see District 6 taking the 2nd, 3rd and 4th spots on the podium. Dale will avenge his semifinal loss from Altoona as he beats Sossong to claim 3rd. Gates will be the highest finisher from the WPIAL here.

1. McGill 2. Yingling 3. Dale 4. Sossong 5. Gates 6. Muron 7. Stoy 8. Heister

Top Matchups:
Rd 1 – Gates v. Stoy
QTRs – I want to see if Dale can hang with McGill

Wilcard: (Someone not in the top 6)
Allebach is capable of going 6 hard minutes with anyone. I could see him bounce back from McGill and make a run in the consolation bracket. Heister could easily make the top 6 here. Tamburro has the capability to knock of Sossong in the QTRs to earn a trip to Hershey.

District 6 Outlook:
Yingling, Dale and Sossong will all move on. Heister has an outside chance of getting by Muron and into the Top 6. Stoy and Allebach are never out of a match and could give District 6 4 or 5 qualifiers.


The question here is, who will lose to Robert Patrick in the finals? It will be Hobson, Brown or Clutter. All three are capable of being there. It will come down to who is wrestling the best. I have Hobson over Brown in the QTRs, but Clutter will get the best of him in the semis. I think there will be some great toss-up matches throughout the consolation bracket to see who comes out for the final two spots. I have a rematch of Brown and Hobson for 3rd. (With Hobson winning again.)

1. Patrick 2. Clutter 3. Hobson 4. Brown 5. Datz 6. Harr 7. Mele 8. Hutcherson

Top Matchups:
Rd 1 – Harr v. Hutcherson
QTRs – Hobson v. Brown and Hutcherson v. Clutter
Consi Qtrs – Brown v. Hutcherson for the trip to Hershey on the line

Wildcard: (Someone not in the top 6)
Hutcherson could easily get into the top 4 here. Henigin has the ability to knock off a couple of guys and make a run.

District 6 Outlook:
After Patrick, I feel that Brown has a good chance to get back to Hershey. Harr looked impressive last week and I think he will continue his strong run another week. Henigin, as stated above has the ability to get into the Top 6. Marcozzi had a nice run last week, but I don’t know how he will do with a little more pressure at IUP.


On paper, it definitely looks like Myers will be the frontrunner at this weight. I think the WPIAL will be represented well at this weight with Magin, Shingle and Vargo. I think Myers will be able to overcome all three and back up his first district championship with his first regional championship. I actually see the winner of the quarterfinal match between Crouse and Gabel meeting Myers in the finals. I see Shingle and Vargo taking 3rd and 4th, with Crouse or Gabel finishing 5th.

1. Myers 2. Gabel 3. Shingle 4. Vargo 5. Crouse 6. Magin 7. Gett 8. Neil

Top Matchups:
QTRs – Gett/Vargo, Myers/Magin and Crouse/Gabel
Semis – Both semis could be high scoring.

Wildcard: (Someone not in the Top 6)
Crouse could make a run to the finals. I also could see Gett sneaking into the Top 6.

District 6 Outlook:
Myers will take the gold, with Gabel right beside him on the podium. I could see Gett getting on the podium if he can beat Vargo in the QTRs. Neil has had a good year, but I do not think he will get by Magin. Kocik has also been impressive, but he is not in a good spot in the bracket.

Re: SW AA Regional Preview and Predictions (160-182)

FloArena has a new bracket for 170, looks like Harr and Whittington are out. Anyone know why?