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SW AA Regional Preview and Predictions (195-285)


Hunter Tremain will be the man to beat here. He has had plenty of experience wrestling at this stage in the season and it will be time for him to be at the top of the podium on Saturday night. I think it is a battle of WPIALs Miller and Lough in the semis to see who will be Tremain’s finals opponent I think Miller will beat Lough in a very close match. Lough will bounce back to take out another WPIAL opponent (Stine) for 3rd. The remaining 3 spots will be up for grab between Mykut, Hockenberry, R. Miller, Barber, Baker and Charlesworth

1. Tremain 2. B. Miller 3. Lough 4. Stine 5. Hockenberry 6.R. Miller 7. Baker 8. Barber
Top Matchups:
Rd 1 – Charlesworth/Miller and Miller/Barber
QTRs – Mykut/Stine, Lough/Hockebberry and Baker/Knisely winner v. B. Miller
Semis – Miller v. Lough

Wildcard: (Someone not in the Top 6)
Barber is athletic enough to get into the top 6. Knisely has put together a very good season and could knock of Hockenberry to get the trip to Hershey. I also could see Mykut putting together a nice run.

District 6 Outlook:
Although I don’t see District 6 sitting at the top of the podium here, I do feel that we could get 3 guys through to Hershey. I would say Hockenberry has the best path to get there. He could take out Lough in the qtrs. Friday night. I see the Barber/Mykut winner also having a good shot at making it. That winner will probably wrestle R. Miller to get a trip on Saturday.


Walters widened the gap between him and Fisher in Altoona last weekend. I would like to see them matchup again on Saturday, but I think DeLuca will get by Fisher. I know people will remind me that Fisher pinned DeLuca at team states, but DeLuca wasn’t 100% (not an excuse for getting pinned). I think DeLuca will beat Fisher in the semis, but will fall to Walters in the finals. That will set up another barnburner between Fisher and Ryan for 3rd. Main seems to have been around for a long time, but cannot get past Walters or any of the top 3 or 4 (Elgin) District 6 guys. Augustine has had a really good year for North Star, but I do not think he is setting in a real good spot in the bracket.

1. Walters 2. DeLuca 3. Fisher 4. Ryan 5. Main 6. Johnston 7. Elgin 8. Kemper

Top Matchups:
Rd 1 – Main/Elgin and Ryan/Kemper
QTRs – Ryan/DeLuca
Semis – Fisher/DeLuca will be one everyone makes sure to see

Wildcard: (Someone not in the Top 6)
I know I have him in the top 6, but Johnston is sitting in a really nice spot in the bracket. I could see Kemper taking out Johnston to get the 6th spot here. Lopez has also been tough this year. One of those three guys will be on the podium in the 6th spot.

District 6 Outlook:
This is a strong weight for District 6 as Walters, Fisher and Ryan will finish in the top 4. Throw in Johnston and Elgin, and we have a possible 5 guys finishing in the top 8. Elgin will have to get by Ryan in the consis to get to Hershey (do not think this will happen).


The WPIAL is bringing some big guns into the SW Regional at 285. Led by McCoy, they could have 4 or 5 guys on the podium. I know Jones is the man to catch here and I think McCoy will be the guy to do it. I also see Jones having a couple of tough matches in the quarters and semis on his way to the finals. McCoy will have to get by Martin in the semis to get his chance at Jones. This weight has a lot of talented big guys!

1. McCoy 2. Jones 3. Schuffert 4. Vokes 5. Martin 6. Winfield 7. Haselrig 8. Miles

Top Matchups:
RD 1 – Schuffert/Winfield and Miles/Martin
QTRs – Jones/Vokes
Both semifinals will be good.

Haselrig (has impressed this season). It will come down to can he top Caragein and Winfield to make it. Shaw has had a good season, but he will have to beat Vokes to get a chance to be on the podium. Seace has also had a nice year for Ridge.

District 6 Outlook:
Jones will be in the finals (and could win it). I see Martin moving on, but will not be able to get past a couple of the WPIAL guys. I think Winfield and Haselrig will wrestle for the chance to make it to Hershey! Reed will get a win here, but could have a chance to take out Miles to get into the top 8.

Re: SW AA Regional Preview and Predictions (195-285)

I really appreciate these analyses. They are excellent for a guy like me who likes wrestling but does not have much in depth knowledge of anyone outside of D6.

Thank you!

Re: SW AA Regional Preview and Predictions (195-285)

I second that D6AAFAN! Thank you for your careful analysis.