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D6AA Breakdown

New to D6AA and sporting average seasons, BEA and PO do well at Altoona. PO finishes 6th and BEA finishes 8th.

Centre County overall does well with the following:
-St. Joes: 1st
-Penns Valley: 2nd
-PO: 6th
-BEA: 8th

Since the name of the game is advance and move on:
Regional Qualifiers by school:
7 - St. Joes, Westmont Hilltop
6 - Penns Valley
5 - Forrest Hills, Glendale, PO, Huntingdon, Cambria Heights
4 - BEA, Richland
3 - West Branch, Penn Cambria, Mo Valley, Bishop McCort, Mount Union
2 - Bellwood Anis, Tyrone, Central Cambria, Marion Center, Blairsville, Southern Huntingdon
1 - Central, Portage, Ligonier Valley, Claysburg Kimmel
0 - Juniata Valley, United

Also interesting to point out that Westmont and Huntingdon are much better dual meet teams than tournament teams. Westmont won the duals and edged out Glendale for 4th this weekend at the individual tournament. Huntingdon got 2nd at the duals and fell to 9th at the individual tournament this weekend.

Re: D6AA Breakdown

To add on to what I typed above, below are some interesting facts about the two day competition over this past Friday and Saturday:

Biggest Jumpers (in top 6):
Kisiel, 126 (Huntingdon) - seeded 12th, placed 6th - up 6 spots
Foster, 120 (PO) - seeded 11th, placed 6th - up 5 spots
Black, HWT (Richland) - seeded 9th, placed 4th - up 5 spots
Lichtenfels, 145 (Bishop McCort) - seeded 10th, placed 6th - up 4 spots

Highest Seed to Place in the Top 6:
Kisiel, 126 (Huntingdon) - seeded 12th, placed 6th

Highest Seed to Make the Finals:
Duvall, 138 (Penns Valley) - Seeded 4th

Lost First Match and Placed Top 6:
-Foster, 120 (PO) - Lost first match and then won four straight to make consi-semis (placed 6th)
-Kisiel, 126 (Hunt) - Lost first match and then won three straight to make consi-semis (placed 6th)
-Bailey, 138 (Southern Huntingdon) - Lost first match and then won three straight to make consi-semis (placed 6th)
-Anderson, 220 (PO) - Lost first match and then won three straight to make consi-semis (placed 6th)

Semis-Slide (Made Semis but then lost three straight to take 6th place)
-Beatty, HWT (Marion Center)

Weight Seeded Perfectly:

Weight Seeded Pretty Closely:
106 - Switch Stewart and Bryan at 4 and 6
160 - 4-6 mixed up a little
170 - Switch Rosenberger and Baney at 3 and 4
195 - Whaley had other ideas, put him at 3 and slide everyone down one spot

Re: D6AA Breakdown

Thank you for the break down. It was truly a great tournament.....D6AA is a meat grinder!!!! The only comment I would contest is regarding Westmont and Huntington. I agree that they are better dual meet teams because of their depth throughout the lineup, but I’m not sure the discrepancy is that big, particularly for Westy. Yes they finished 4th, but they were only 14 points behind 2nd place Forest Hills and Prnns Valley, and they tied the Boalsburg All Stars for the most regional qualifiers with 7. I think that the top dual meet teams and top tournament teams were pretty consistent, the lone exception being St. Joes, and I’m not even going to discuss the Boalsburg Pike Mat Club because that’s a recruited all star team (7 placewinners from 5 different school districts).

Re: D6AA Breakdown

I agree, 2nd through 5th place (PV, Forest Hills, Westmont, and Glendale) were all pretty close. They were only separated by 15 points. Then the next group of teams, 6th through 9th place (PO, WB, BEA, Hunt), were all close as well. They were only separated by 12.5 points.

I do think Westmont is a slightly better dual meet team and Huntingdon is a much better dual meet team. They all send a really solid guy at every weight and sometimes it isn't always magnified in an individual tournament where more points are allotted for the very top finishes.