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AAA brackets

Anyone know when they will be posted

Re: AAA brackets

They’re posted.

Re: AAA brackets

Won’t be there because I have a regional tournament to attend at IUP. But from what I saw of some of these AAA powerhouses early in the season and then again in the final weeks, my observations about the AAA brackets.

Don’t be shocked if Bellefonte wins the team title.

Every team in this 8-team field is likely to get somebody to the AAA regionals. But getting from there to Hershey is a very different issue. I’d still like the CM fan who predicted two weeks ago that his team would have six state qualifiers to please give me some idea on what weight classes they will come from.

I understand “why” a truly awful overall D4/9 District now gets 5 regional qualifiers while a much tougher D6 only gets 4. But it is wrong. They should have given both 4 and dropped the regional field from 14 to 13 per bracket.

And finally after looking at the AAA brackets, I can with a great amount of certainty assure fans from both classes that in a head to head meeting between the D6AA champs and top seeds in D6AAA top seeds, the AA kids would win somewhere between 9 and 11 of 14 weight classes. Just ask the PO Coach. He brought two “defending D6AAA champs” to the D6AA tournament and both advanced to the SWAA regional thru the consolations.

Good luck to all. Go Ridge and Go LHAC

Re: AAA brackets

I think "awful" is a very strong statement. Mark my words, D4/9 will more than hold there own this year at regionals. All 3 D4 teams have a couple strong individuals and the normal from Clearfield, St Mary's, DuBois, and now the co-op of Cranberry and Oil City.

Re: AAA brackets

Too strong a word. Probably so. DuBois will carry the day for D9’s contingent. Clearfield’s return to prominence is visible but they are not quite yet old enough to drive but soon.

A little bit of youth and resurgence in Williamsport will boost D4’s group. Yes. Shik and Grove both have several state qualifiers in the fold.

But now based on sheer ratios and numbers, the D4/9 contingent should have more state qualifiers than D6 and in turn D6 should have more than D10—- now if somehow this D4/9 coalition has fewer state qualifiers than D6 or D10, then you can expect the howling to be very loud coming of course from Clinton County and probably Mifflin County too.

Ironic and a little funny that some of the long time opponents of BEA and PO bashed those programs for doing the right thing and competing in AA and now that is the reason that D4/9 get one more qualifier that D6 in AAA. If I read correctly, legendary Clearfield qualified to compete in AA as well but the Bison pride (and common sense) kept them out of a brutal NWAA region with the likes of Reynolds and company.

Re: AAA brackets

Hey Alum Banker -

I am not sure why you are stuck on the idea of D6 getting one less regional than D4/9 due to BEA and PO moving to AA. D6 has never had more than 4 regional qualifiers, at one point they even had 3 regional qualifiers. I am pretty sure D10 lost a regional qualifier (four to three) due to only having five teams. They used to be at ten to twelve teams at the AAA level, but they recently lost a handful of teams to AA as well. Even regional consistent top dog General McClane went down to AA for some reason. They will be missed at the NW AAA regional tournament (well not for the current wrestlers and coaches). Seems like the spot that D10 lost went to D4/9. Deservedly so it seems as well. We won't know until the brackets come out this Sunday night but my guess is that the Regional Champs get pretty evenly split among the three districts. Here is what I have so far:

106: Allison - MC D6
113: Bower - Wmspt D4 (D4/9)
120: Fisher or Aikey MC/Bell D6
126: Donahue Dub D9 (D4/9)
Sarbo from Altoona might have something to say about this
132: Balestrini Shik D4 (D4/9)
138: Boyd McDowell D10
Ed Scott from Dubois might have something to say about this
145: Johnson Prep D10
152: Richner Bell D6
Rinella from McDowell might have something to say about this
160: Kibe MC D6
170: Bastian Sel or Keane Bradford (majored WIleman, beat Yingling, majored another AA SQ) D4/D9
182 Starocci Prep D10
195 Urbas SC D6
195 Schon Selingsgrove D4
Crosby from Prep might have something to say about this
HWT Deboe Prep D10

So my way too early Regional Predictions for champions:
D6 - 5
D4/9 - 5
D10 - 4
D8 - 0

Re: AAA brackets

Here are a couple other D9 Names to add to your list

120 Ho Dub
132 Dilley STM
145 Woodrow Dub

and just a side note at 220 Crosby will lose by a major to Schonn

Also would love to put a wager on your Boyd pick over Scott.

Re: AAA brackets


I hope I get to see some of your region. Not sure how 138 might go in Altoona but I think DuBois gets a state title the following week regardless at 138.

DuBois looks the the team to finish #2 in the region. Even more amazing the NWAAA Region takes a normally deserved bad rap but that smallest AAA region could very well win state titles at 138-160-182-195 and 285. Five would be remarkable.

And I agree that the Selinsgrover hammers Mel Jr at 220.

Re: AAA brackets

Not sure if DuBois finishes 2nd, but will be in top 5. Prep should win the team title, then I'm thinking MC? Scott is on a mission this year, and I think Woodrow beats Johnson at 145 as well. I am looking forward to the weekend, counting down the days!

Re: AAA brackets

It won’t be CM. You heard it hear first.

Re: AAA brackets

And if accurate reports came, then your team also got hit by the Boalsburg Pikers this season??

Re: AAA brackets


Re: AAA brackets


There’s some really strange stuff going on with all of that and the subject has been beaten all over the place on here.

But curious about the Wyoming Seminary guy or guys who were at different times at the D5AA and D6AA events.

I think at D5 looking at Ridge underclassmen and then in Altoona seemed to be hovering at different times around FH, Glendale, BEA and the Boalsburg Pikers. Understood some of that except BEA until I heard they had a forgotten AAA state runner up out all year but back next year with his team in AA.

I don’t care who Seminary recruits and steals from as long it’s not Ridge or any LHAC teams.

Re: AAA brackets

Alum Banker
It won’t be CM. You heard it hear first.
Up yours.

Re: AAA brackets

I have no dog in the fight but after the last comment, Rich needs to delete this post. Lets all enjoy the weekend of wrestling at your respective tournaments. Good luck to all schools and wrestlers