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AA SW Regional Predictions (138-170)

Another weight class with some studs here. I think Ealy and Gibson are at another level. I am anxious to see if Corrado and DuVall can keep up their good district runs and to see how Kelly bounces back. I think there is just one spot up for grabs here, but I hope everyone else brings there “A game” this weekend!
Darkhorses: Richner and Warhsel
RD of 16: Sherlock v. RIchner and Corrado v. Warshel
QTRS: Ealy v. Kelly, Richner v. Corrado and Duschek v. Gibson
Semifinal match-ups: Ealy v. DuVall and Corrado v. Gibson
1. Ealy 2. GIBSON 3. Corrado 4. DuVALL 5. KELLY 6. Duschek (RICHNER and WARSHEL)

Caleb Dowling is an animal!! I am anxious to see the Kazalas and Pugh winner against him in the finals to see what level he is on. I think there could be a few wildcards at this weight as I see the final two spots up for grabs here.
Darkhorses: Pail, Krug and Marko
RD of 16: Dowling v. Pail
QTRS: Gabriel v. Kemper and Korenoski v. Pugh
Semifinal match-ups: Dowling v. Kemper and Kazalas v. Pugh
1. DOWLING 2. Kazalas 3. Pugh 4. Kemper 5. Pail 6. Gabriel (MARKO and KRUG)

I think this weight is wide open for the top guys to get to the finals. I see three kids at the top with a chance (Schultheis, Dale and Rothrock) and four on the bottom (Supanick, Weitosh, Barr and Holbay). I think the quarterfinals will be fun to watch at this weight. We will see Dale v. Weitosh (Round 2) for a trip to go to Hershey and Holbay v. Rothrock for 5th and 6th.
Darkorses: Akers and Weinell
RD of 16: Weitosh v. Barr and Supanick v. Taylor
QTRS: Schultheis v. Dale, Supanick v. Barr
Semifinal match-ups: Schultheis v. Rotchrock and Barr v. Holbay
1. Schultheis 2. Barr 3. DALE 4. ROTHROCK 5. HOLBAY 6. Supanick (WEISTOSH and Weinell)

State finals preview here as Lawrence and Stoltzfus will tangle on Saturday night. I think there are a couple other state medal caliber wrestlers at this weight, but I could see up to 8 other guys with a shot at the final four spots.
Darkhorses: Mele, Harr, Link, and Rios
RD of 16: Sever v. Allebach, Mele v. Holderbaum, Moody v. Sabol, Link v. Cutchember
QTRS: Sossong v. Mele
Semifinal match-ups: Lawrence v. Sossong and Cutchember v. Stoltzfus
1. Lawrence 2. STOLTZFUS 3. SOSSONG 4. Cutchember 5. Mele 6. HARR (ALLEBACH and Holderbaum)

Once again, this could be a preview of the state finals. I think the question here is..who will McGill major in the finals? Brown or Clutter? After these three, the other three spots are wide open. I think there will be a lot of high scoring matches in the consolations at this weight.
Darkhorses: Rosebberger, Milko, Ganey, Peroni and Hicks
RD of 16: Baney v. Peroni, Hutcherson v. Weist and Milko v. Marcozzi
QTRS: Hutcherson v. Marcozzi
Semifinal match-ups: McGill v. Hutcherson and Brown v. Clutter
1. Mcgill 2. Clutter 3. BROWN 4. Hutcherson 5. Peroni 6. ROSENBERGER (BANEY and MARCOZZI)