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AA SW Regional Predictions (182-285) and Team

Another weight with a possible state final match-up on Saturday. I see Pitzer and Yingling going at it to see who is the favorite in Hershey. There are 8 other wrestlers here who could make a run to a bronze medal at this weight. There will be some good quarterfinal and semifinal matches here.
Darkhorses: Kocik, Smychynsky, Miller and Feroce
RD of 16: Walley v. Kocik, Smychynsky v. Fouse, Miller v. Bisel and Henigin v. Feroce
QTRS: Yingling v. Whittington, Walley v. Smychynsky, and Crouse v. Miller
Semifinal match-ups: Yingling v. Walley and Crouse v. Pitzer
1. Pitzer 2. YINGLING 3. Crouse 4. Walley 5. HENIGIN 6. SMYCHYNSKY (Miller and Whittington)

The top three guys here are Franklin, Vargo and Tremain. I think all three could finish high on the podium in Hershey. I think the Franklin and Tremain semifinal match will be really good. I think there are some guys who are going to put together a good two days of wrestling to get to Hershey. I could see any of the Darkhorses make a run to a medal.
Darkhorses: West, Dudurich and Felker
RD of 16: Lemin v. West and Cain v. Dudurich
QTRS: Lemin v. Close
Semifinal match-ups: Vargo v. Close and Franklin v. Tremain
1. FRANKLIN 2. Vargo 3. Tremain 4. Magin 5. CLOSE 6. WHALEY (Cain and Lemine)

DeLuca is very tough. I do not see him being challenged until he reaches the finals. I think there are four guys in the bottom half of the bracket who have a chance to finish as a runner-up. I think the quarterfinals will be interesting at this weight as Johnston, Rorrest, Baker and Knisely are all really good.
Darkhorses: Clark, Farda, and Covalt
RD of 16: Farda v. Croft, and Baker v. Covalt
QTRS: Clark v. Croft, Johnston v. Forrest and Baker v. Knisely
Semifinal match-ups: DeLuca v. Croft and Forrest v. Knisely
1. DeLuca 2. Knisely 3. Forrest 4. JOHNSTON 5. CROFT 6. Clark (Baker and COVALT)

Wow! The top three ranked big boys in the state are all in the top half of the bracket! Don’t get me wrong, as the bottom half is loaded as well (Kemper, Winfield, Comedy and Seace). I think there may be 1 or 2 Hershey medal contenders not making it to the Giant Arena here. I think the quarterfinals will all be good matches! I am predicting a rematch of Ryan and Winfield here, but am anxious to see Ryan take on Stephens in the semis.
Darkhorses: Kitko, Comedy and Miles
RD of 16: Kitko v. Miles and Shaw v. Comedy
QTRS: Ryan v. Miles, Stephens v. Schufelt (Two athletic big guys), Kemper v. Winfield and Comedy v. Seace
Semifinal match-ups: Ryan v. Stephens (Should be the finals) and Winfield v. Comedy
1. RYAN 2. WINFIELD 3. Schufelt 4. Stephens 5. Kemper 6. Comedy (Seace and Miles)

Team Standings:
1. St. Joes
2. Chestnut Ridge
3. Burrell
4. Forest HIlls
5. Quaker Valley
6. Freedom
7. Glendale
8. McGuffey

St. Joes will run away with the team title. I see Ridge, Burrell and FH battling out for 2nd. 5-8 could finish in any order.

Re: AA SW Regional Predictions (182-285) and Team

I'll take a crack at it!

SW AA Predictions:

106: Fischer, Burkett, Dubler, Geibig, Toth, Boni

113: Michaels, Arrington, Salerno, Yagle, Gilham, Ward

120: Oswalt, Ohl, Shunk, Gwyer, Teeters, Giedroc

126: McMillen, Cymmerman, Pattison, Ward, Daubert, Villa

132: Cassidy, Redinger, Cornell, Whitmer, Royer, Baker

138: Ealy, Gibson, Corrado, DuVall, Duschek, Kelly

145: Dowling, Kazalas, Pugh, Kemper, Kirkpatrick, Gabriel

152: Schulteis, Supanick, Rothrock, Holbay, Barr, Dale

160: Lawrence, Stoltzfus, Sossong, Cutchember, Housel, Allebach

170: McGill, Clutter, Brown, Hutcherson, Rosenberger, Marcozzi

182: Pitzer, Yingling, Walley, Whittington, Bisel, Henigin

195: Franklin, Vargo, Tremain, Magin, Close, Whaley

220: DeLuca, Johnston, Forrest, Knisely, Croft, Covalt

285: Ryan, Winfield, Stephens, Seace, Kemper, Schuffert