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For bigd6fan

Unable to get system to respond so a new post in response to your last comments on NWAAA——

Your too early picks look good to me at this point. A Boyd-Scott bout at 138 could be epic.

I noticed you didn’t list any CM wrestlers on top the region. Neither did I. But they are taking 6 to states per one fan. How do you see that working for them?

Finally, my issue with BEA and PO was simply that if they had both remained in AAA, the D6AAA would be taking 5 instead of D4/9 solely because D6 would have had 10 teams rather than 8 they have now. D6 would have picked the extra seat when D10 lost one and then D6 would have had 5 for the first time ever.

Thanks for the great work and analysis

Re: For bigd6fan

Hey Alum Banker -

Seems like you get locked out of posting on threads from time to time. Maybe they are trying to tell you something (lol). After re-reading some of your posts, I understand what you meant by D6AAA gaining a 5th NWAAA qualifier if BEA and PO would have stayed in AAA. Makes sense - I can see them getting the 5th qualifier with 10 teams instead of D4/9.

I always enjoy your posts, even if they do have a slight LHAC bias to them (lol). Honestly, I see CM getting 1-3 qualifiers to states. If everything goes wrong for them in Altoona in two weeks, I can see zero. Which would be a lower point than them getting a couple to states last year but not winning one match. I see them with six possible chances.

106 - Keen
I had to go back and edit. Somehow I forgot Keen. I have him as being able to win it or could get 2nd/3rd. Allison (MC), Keen, and Van Dee (Prep) are the three top dawgs and don't face much of a threat.

120 - Shreffler
Shreffler is a returning State Qualifier and has been ranked in the state for much of the year. He benefits from a pretty easy region as well. However, he has a tough ask in the district. Fisher from Mifflin County is the top man at this weight (taking 8th at States the last two years) but Shreffler only lost to him 1-0 at District Duals. Shreffler lost to Aikey of Bellefonte 6-2 and has split matches with Leidy from State College in the past. Ho from Dubois is also tough. Looks like he is the 4th favorite in the region with a good chance of advancement.

138 - Coleman
Scott and Boyd have the first two spots locked up, unless someone gets caught in a big way. I see District 6 battling it out for the last spot with Courts (SC), Stewart (Bell), and Coleman (CM) in a dogfight for that last spot. I do favor the physicality, toughness, and conditioning of Coleman in this one.

152 - Henry
A very long shot but at the same time 152 is pretty weak in the NWAAA region. So he has to like his chances if he is on his A plus game and some things go his way.

195 - Riggle
He is one upset away from getting top 3. I have him behind Urbas (SC), Carson (Prep), Zeiders (Selingsgrove). I am not sure about Crocker from Cranberry. He is unknown to me but sports a one loss record.

HWT - Edwards
Similar to Riggle. Is one upset away from top 3. I have him behind Deboe (Prep), Davis (Mifflin County), and Simmers (Altoona). Simmers missed some matches late in the end of the year. So he may be able to beat him late in the match on conditioning.

Walizer normally has his boys ready to wrestle come the postseason, so I will say that Central Mountain gets two to states. Could be zero. I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I see their best chances at 106 (lock), 138, and 120. I will give them 106 and 138 for now. I think Leidy gets revenge on Shreffler this year.

THoughts? Not seeing six though???

Re: For bigd6fan

Did you overlook Hileman (Alt) at 106? I think him and Nikkie would be fun to watch!

Re: For bigd6fan

oldiggle -

I believe that I did overlook him. Looking at his results he has already beaten two AA state qualifiers. I guess the only time I have seen him wrestle were close losses at 113 against Gilham (BEA) and Walk (Tyrone). But if the cut to 106 is not too much for him, he should definitely be up there with Keen, Allison, and Van Dee. Should be a fun District finals match up with the winner of Keen/Allison.

Thanks for the post!