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D6 AAA predictions

106 keen hileman Allison weaveling

113 weaver swisher little carlucci

120 fisher aikey shreffler leidy

126 woolcott sarbo bechdel burk

132 smith Kauffman Wagner Malcolm

138 Coleman Stewart courts Weiand

145 porter Moore shoemaker Martin

152 richner Henry walls stephens

160 kibe wileman porter Simpson

170 hassinger Myers fisher confer

182 mccready rossman McLaughlin sutliff

195 urbas riggle barber keirn

220 dellinger miller barrier boyd

285 simmers Davis Edwards schoen

Re: D6 AAA predictions

I want to take a crack at it:

1. Allison (MC) 2. Hileman (Alt) 3. Keen (CM) 4. O'Shea (Bel)
Top matches:
-O'Shea vs Weaverling in the Quarters. O'Shea edged him out in the dual meet, can he do it again?
-Allison vs Keen in Semis. Keen was beating Allison at District Duals before he got pinned. Can he win the rematch in the semis?
-Hileman vs Keen/Allison winner in finals. How does Hileman transition to 106?

1. Swisher (SC) 2. Weaver (CM) 3. Smilnak (HOL) 4. Carlucci (Alt)
Can Carlucci deal with bigger 113 pounders?
Top matches: Little vs Smilnak in consi-semis. Smilnak won the dual meet during the season 3-1.
Swisher vs Weaver in the finals. Swisher seems the real deal at 113. Can Weaver compete with the funky Swisher.

1. Fisher (MC) 2. Aikey (Bel) 3. Shreffler (CM) 4. Leidy (SC)
Rematch central. These four have wrestled each other a lot over the years.
Can Aikey get revenge on Fisher in the finals? He looked to have him taken down in the last ten seconds in the district duals finals.

1. Sarbo (Alt) 2. Woolcott (SC) 3. Bechdel (CM) 4. Burk (MC)
Top matches: Burk vs Coppolo in Quarters
Bechdel vs Burk/Coppolo loser in consi semis.

1. Smith (Bel) 2. Kauffman (MC) 3. Wagner (Alt) 4. Malcolm (GJ)

1. Coleman (CM) 2. Stewart (Bel) 3. Courts (SC) 4. Weiand (JUN)
-Coleman with a tough road to a championship. He beat Stewart in the dual meet in a close match. Has to get through Courts and Stewart, I believe he can do it. Courts missed some of the season, so conditioning may be a factor.

1. Porter (CM) 2. Moore (GJ) 3. Shoemaker (MC) 4. ??
No disrespect to any of the wrestlers, but this weight has the least amount of depth of all fourteen. Moore of GJ is relatively unknown. No clue who gets the fourth spot, it is up for grabs.

1. Richner (Bel) 2. Walls (Hol) 3. Henry (CM) 4. Simmons (SC)
Top match: Walls vs Henry in semi finals. In dual meet, Walls won 3-2. I think Simmons will grab the 4th spot.

1. Kibe (MC) 2. Wileman (JUN) 3. Porter (CM) 4. Price (SC)
Finals: Wileman (AA 4th place) vs Kibe (AAA SQ)
Ty Price beat Porter 1-0 in the dual meet. Can he beat him twice? Can the loser of Price/Porter beat Simpson in the consi semis for a trip to regionals? I think they will beat the undersized Simpson.

1. Myers (Bel) 2. Hassinger (MC) 3. Fisher (HOL) 4. Confer (CM)
Finals rematch between Myers and Hassinger. Myers won the match in the district duals finals in overtime.
Can Noss pull an upset?

1. McCready (HOL) 2. Rossman (Bel) 3. McLaughlin (SC) 4. Sutliff (CM)
Can Rossman give McCready a match?
Krepps could be a darkhorse at this weight.

1. Urbas (SC) 2. Riggle (CM) 3. Barber (GJ) 4. Howe (Bel)
Howe vs Barber for 3rd could be a toss-up. Huge match for the team title race for Bellefonte.

1) Dellinger (HOL) 2. Miller (CM) 3. Barrier (Bel) 4. Boyd (GJ)
Only 5 kids at this weight.
Miller beat Barrier in the dual meet handily, 4-0.

1) Davis (MC) 2. Simmers (ALT) 3. Edwards (CM) 4. Orndorf (Bel)
Toughest top 3 along with 106?
Orndorf pinned Schoen and Haines in dual meets. 4th spot is his unless he loses it.

Re: D6 AAA predictions

Loser buys the beer at Regionals. 4 points for 1st place right, 3 points for 2nd place right, 2 points for 3rd place right and 1 point for 4th place right.

Heres my shot:

106- Allison-Hileman-Keen-Weaverling
113- Swisher-Weaver-Scarletta-Little
120- Aikey-Fisher-Sheffler-Leidy
126- Sarbo-Woolcott-Bechdel-Burk
132- Smith-Kauffman-Malcom-Wagner
138- Stewart-Coleman-Weiand-Courts
145- Moore-Porter-Shoemaker-Beach
152- Ritchner-Henry-Walls-Simmons
160- Kibe-Wileman-Simpson-Porter
170- Hassinger-Myers-Fisher-Noss
182- Rossman- McCready-McLaughlin-Krepps
195- Urbas-Riggleman-Barber-Howe
220- Dellinger-Miller-Berrier-Boyd
HWT- Davis-Simmers-Edwards-Haines

There should be some great Finals matches if My perdictions are close:
120- Aikey-Fisher
126 Sarbo-Woolcott
160- Kibe-Wileman
170- Hassinger-Myers
182- Rossman-McCready
HWT- Davis-Simmers

Re: D6 AAA predictions

Hey Veteran -

That is definitely a good bet. We need more competitors to join in. So far there's three brave enough to make predictions. Here is what I see between the three of us:

John -
Seems like a Central Mountain fan. Has a couple close calls going their way:
-Keen over Allison and then Hileman at 106
-Weaver over Swisher at 113
-Coleman over Stewart and then Courts at 138
-Henry over Walls at 152

They could all happen. But to have all 6 matches go their way implies either a bit of bias or you think Biff will have his boys rearing to go in Altoona on Saturday.

The Veteran -
Seems like a Bellefonte fan. Has a couple close calls going their way as well:
-Aikey over Fisher at 120 (mild upset)
-Little to get 4th at 113 (would have to win two really close matches)
-Stewart over Coleman at 138 (would have to avenge dual meet loss)
-Simpson to get 3rd at 160 (would have to win two really close matches)
-Rossman over McCready at 182 (pretty big upset in my opinion)

Same thing, they could all happen. For all seven matches to go their way implies a little bit of bias or you think that Maney will have his Raiders ready to win their first Individual District Championship in a while. Anyone know the year?

Hope others join us as well!

Re: D6 AAA predictions

A Bellefonte title at 182 actually would be less of an upset than you might believe.

I think you are probably on track with your assessment of where these guys at least appear to be from. And “John” is the same guy who not long ago declared that CM would have at least 6 state qualifiers. He must have missed the KOM this season.

If you dissect this weight by weight the mystery still seems to be Bellefonte. They truly have the right lineup and the great brackets to win this team title. They also have enough not so good postseason history to land in 4th or even 5th place. That is totally up to them. Will it be the recent tough lineup or the crew that finished like 22nd at KOM?

And bigd6fan yourself said that this field would produce just three out of 14 D6 champs if they got mixed in with that brutal D6AA field. I agree. But maybe get 4 or 5. That said this D6AAA group could certainly grab two golds at Hershey. At 160 and 195 and no—- neither of them wrestle for Johns team

Re: D6 AAA predictions

Hi umm I think these six going CMs way are definitely plauseibly. Allison caught Weaver in a chin whip at districts duals. Shreffler and liedy are always cl9se but last year shreffler cut off liedy at districts and continued on to qualify for states.at 138 Coleman has already pulled a bug win over Stewart so I think he can do it again. As for me at 152. Watch the film of that match on therecordonline.com Walla stalled the whole match and I got a takedown at the end of the match and wasn't awarded. Then continued on to lat drop him with 4 seconds left and didn't get points for that either. But yes biff has prepared us well coming into districts and they will be some close matches but I believe we should win the most of them

Re: D6 AAA predictions


Re: D6 AAA predictions

What exactly is a “chin whip?” Is it a legal move?

That sounds like something we would expect to see out of Penn State’s 157-pounder wrestler who remarkably came to the Nittany Lions from a AA program but he turned out OK

Good Luck Saturday.

Re: D6 AAA predictions

Also know as a wrench. The Alton brothers from CM were the first ones I remember using it and using it well, at the high level at PSU. They recorded many falls over the years with this move. Yes it is a legal move.

Re: D6 AAA predictions

Thanks. Now that I know what move he was talkiing about. First time I saw that was in the late 90’s well before the Altons came along.

Ridge had several years with preseason scrimmages with Bellefonte in the era right before and just after Walker became Bellefonte’s coach. Bellefonte had an upper weight that hit it and the Ridge kids didn’t know what it was and thought it wasn’t legal. The Bellefonte kids at the scrimmage laughed and called it the Choke Toss. I guess that kid got a lot of falls and also got DQ’d due to using it during the regular season.

Re: D6 AAA predictions

As long as the hand stays cupped on the chin, it is a legal move.

Re: D6 AAA predictions

IN a competition between Bigd6fan, the Veteran, and John, it was as close as could be. Using the Veteran's rules (4 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd, and 1 point for 4th), John came out on top. Even though the rules are a little harsh (no points for mixing up the order but getting correct place winning), rules are rules.

I have:
John: 89 points
Bigd6fan: 86 points
The Veteran: 74 points

The big matches that John correctly predicted was Weaver over Swisher at 113 and Simmers over Davis at HWT.

Congrats John! The Veteran owes you a pint.

Re: D6 AAA predictions

Sounds like that was a great tournament and very balanced. Funny competition among you experts too.

Good Luck to everyone at NWAAA Regionals.

Hey John—— since you whipped these guys with your D6 predictions, please again tell us what six weights we should expect to see CM boys at in Hershey.