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Congratulations to the Sled Dawgs

Just as the Best Way Pizza gang last weekend declared Chestnut Ridge to be the SWAA Regional School with Borders team champion, we have a clear winner in NWAAA hours before the final round in Altoona.

Congratulations to the Mighty MC Huskies. The Sled Dawgs have won the NWAAA team title for schools with borders. And Bellefonte did a great job to finish 2nd.

We recognize that Cathedral Prep took the trophy home, but they are a truly borderless school. Great traditional power and highly respected. But not confined by geographic boundaries. 13 regional qualifiers with representation from six public school districts: Erie 1,119— MillCreek (McDowell) 847– Fairview 203– Iroquois 159– Harbor Creek 261 and Gen MCLane 286. That’s a pool of 2,875 male students compared to 641 at MC and only 336 at Bellefonte.

Good Luck to all NWAAA wrestlers in Hershey

Re: Congratulations to the Sled Dawgs

Screw Mifflin county, they did not win the team title your just thinking they did. As long as anybuddy wom it other then our hated rivel mc did thats all that matters so you can't brag them up the way you are. So you mc fans can all blow it out your ass!!!!!! Lol lol lol.

Re: Congratulations to the Sled Dawgs

It’s ok Bob. Your boys should easily cruise to another Heartland title next season.

BTW—- State Qualifiers from D6AAA:

Mifflin County 4
Bellefonte 4
State College 3
Hollidaysburg 2
Altoona 2
Juniata 1
Central Mountain 1

Good luck to all D6 wrestlers at Hershey. SC and MC look like the best individual tracks to bring home a gold.

Re: Congratulations to the Sled Dawgs

Agree 100% with that ! Alum Banker

Re: Congratulations to the Sled Dawgs

No not bob, and let's not forget alum banker you are the one that started all the talk after puting down our league's. So you get what you ask for. And Mifflin county will not fair so well at States like you think they will. Ps you and bones must sleep together but that's ok too!;lol

Re: Congratulations to the Sled Dawgs

Hey cm fan , don't drag me into your fued with alum banker.I just happen to agree with him on his opinions.I've never said anything bad about cm kids ,or for that matter anyone else in district 6. I gave my predictions on who I thought would make it to hershey and apparently you didn't like it! I dont even know who alum banker is , so why don't you keep your hillbilly mouth shut and just root for all district 6 kids at states. Good luck to all .

Re: Congratulations to the Sled Dawgs

Cm fan just because you have a small wang don’t make you a tough guy talking crap on kids behind a computer. The years of stardom at cm aren’t as great as they once were and you can’t accept the fact other programs are having success. I think you need to just accept that fact and cheer on all teams when it comes to them making it to states. That’s a great individual accomplishment. So grow up or man up and say this stuff to people’s faces instead of hiding behind a screen like a little punk

Re: Congratulations to the Sled Dawgs

Wrestling fan——

Pretty well stated to cm fan I think. But take it easy on him today. He’s busy trying to sell his Hershey tickets.

You are right. Getting to states is a great accomplishment.

I hope all the D5 and D6 kids in AA and AAA states stay healthy and do great things.


Re: Congratulations to the Sled Dawgs

You morons are all pigs. Besides I never had state tickets. And I'll truly still root for cm and agents Mifflin county no matter who wrestled them cowards. And I'll still take anyone on in the dark alleys me and my 22. You all can still thank rich for making it a site you don't have to make your true name on this forum so yes actually can say I used my real name cm fan lol.

Re: Congratulations to the Sled Dawgs

Who are the agents (of) Mifflin County?
Additionally, a .22 is useful for hunting rodents and rabbits but is less sufficient as a concealed weapon. Usually a 9mm or .40 is used as a concealed carry pistol, although I prefer a .357 Mag.

Re: Congratulations to the Sled Dawgs

To me it doesn't matter who started it and it doesn't matter who gets the last negative comment in. Please stop so this site does not get taken down because some adults can't keep negative comments to themselves. Let the discussions be what they are. There is no reason for some of the comments being put on here about other people.

Congratulations to all the kids that made it to the state tournament.