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aa vs aaa

I'm surprised with all the previous AA tougher than AAA talk, that nobody has pointed out Kyle Myers (2 time AA state qualifier) did not make it out of the NW-AAA Region. I believe there would be other AAA non-qualifiers who would be in Hershey this week had they been in the SW AA Region. Hileman, Kauffman, Riggle and Edwards most likely off the top of my head.

Re: aa vs aaa

More food for thought...Giedroc from BEA is a AA state qualifier. Leidy from S.C. defeated Giedroc 5-0 during the season. Leidy did not make it out of D6 AAA tournament.

Re: aa vs aaa

Hey nonamer -

Solid post for a forum. Definitely some good examples you listed. While D6AA is far tougher than D6AAA due to the amount of competitors, I think the SWAA vs NWAAA comparison is a tough one. I heard someone say it best, I think it depends on the weight. Could some NWAAA wrestlers that didn't make it out of Altoona have placed in the top 6 at Indiana in the SWAA tournament? Sure. Could some SWAA wrestlers that didn't make it out of Indiana have placed in the top 3 at Altoona in the NWAAA tournament? Sure. I think it depends on a weight by weight case.

Some of those examples could be listed below:
106: Thomas and Hileman could have placed 5/6 at SWAA
113: Looks right
120: Bower, Kekich, Shreffler could have competed for the 6th spot at SWAA
126: About right. Top 6 in both regions pretty tough
132: Again, about right. Top 8 in both regions pretty tough. Redinger placed 3rd at AA states last year at 106 but only got 6th at SWAA. Chapman pulled some upsets to make finals, only made consi-semis of NWAAA last year. I think Royer of PV getting top 3 in NWAAA is more likely than Kauffman getting top 6 in SWAA in this instance.
138: Top 3 in NWAAA solid but this weight was super tough for SWAA. Could Richner and Warshel have edged Stewart of Bellefonte for 3rd at NWAAA? More likely than someone outside of top 3 in NWAAA placing top 6 at SWAA.
145: Very tough weight for NWAAA. Reason NWAAA gets a bad rep is because the District 8 schools don't offer too much quality, but at 145 Mwete of Brashaer is good and nearly wins the weight. Can definitely see Tidball of Meadville or Freeland of Clearfield placing top 6 at SWAA.
152: Looks about right. Could see Bruce, Akers, or Weinell of SWAA getting 2nd or 3rd at NWAAA. Pretty weak weight for NWAAA. Would be interested to see how Richner fares at SWAA. Weitoish of PO gets 5th at SWAA after getting 4th at NWAAA last year.
160: Looks about right. Keane of Bradford, Harr of CK, and Allebach of PV three very good wrestlers missing out on Hershey. Could they do better in the other region? Possibly.
170: Can definitely see Myers of Bellefonte or Hassinger of Mifflin County placing top 6 at SWAA. Not the strongest weight for SWAA. Top 6 solid for NWAAA.
182: The question here is could Bisel of Bald Eagle beat Rossman of Bellefonte for the NWAAA 3rd spot? Another toss up here as Rossman edged him at King of the Mountain but Bisel placed higher than him. SWAA at 182 is very good.
195: SWAA not as strong here. Decent depth with Close of BEA missing out on a spot but I think Riggle of Central Moutnain and/or Zeiders of Selingsgrove place top 6 at SWAA.
220: NWAAA tough at 220 with Pollard of Meadville and Young of Shikellamy not making it out. However top 6 for SWAA looking solid as well. Would be toss ups if they could go out at SWAA as well.
285/HWT: Definitely think that Edwards of Central Mountain would get out of the SWAA. Good heavyweight that never made the trip to chocolatetown.

AS you can see, I think it depends on the weight. I think this year, the top 3 in NWAAA was about equal to 5.5 spots for SWAA.

As always, depends who shows up on the mat and wrestles. Thought it would be fun to break it down. Let me know what you think!

Re: aa vs aaa

Nonamer -

You can't use Giedroc from BEA as an example. It depends about wrestling match ups. Leidy beat Giedroc and Leidy didn't get out of districts but Giedroc beat Aikey from Bellefonte 3-2. Aikey won the NWAAA title at 120. This one doesn't work.

Re: aa vs aaa

Touche' on that one. I enjoyed reading through your weight by weight analysis of the two regions.

Re: aa vs aaa

Thank you. Sometimes this AA vs AAA talk can be frustrating because some people have strong opinions, but at the same time it gets me excited to see all the talent across both classifications. Some weights would be really awesome to see as a combined district tournament. Example: 120 would be a blood bath. Ohl, Shunk, Fisher, Aikey, Bruce, Shreffler, Giedroc, Leidy, Kekich, Mills, Armstrong, Foster, Finnegan, Blackburn, Walls, etc.

Some weights would be as well.

Re: aa vs aaa

After watching some of the heavy weight bouts at AAA regions. I would disagree with Edwards making it out of AA regions. I don't think Davis from MC makes it out either if they were to wrestle AA region. Truthfully I'm not sure they make it out of the district 6 AA. Ryan and Winfield were both head and shoulder above the rest of d6. So that means they take 3 - 6 in the district AA. I don't think they beat out Beatty from MC, he is one of few that has been able to put Winfield in some bad situations. Beatty took the last spot in SW AA to go to states. Davis I believe could beat Black of Richland But I think they struggle with anyone else in d6 not counting the guys from 5 and 7.