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D6 and State AA predictions (106-145)

I want to wish all of the D6 kiddos good luck this weekend! I hope they all bring home medals!!!


District Champ Dubler has the best shot at placing. I have him finishing in 7th. I think Haines is pretty tough and I also see Subs dropping another match to Burkett in the consi-quarters. There are some really tough scrappers at this weight. Toth goes 2-2 and loses in the blood round to Dubler. Beatty goes 0-2 in his first trip to Hershey. I think this is a four dog race between Steen, Haines, Fischer and Seymour. I am going with Haines over Fischer in the finals.

1. Haines 2. Fischer 3. Steen 4. Seymour 5. Burkett 6. Reinsel 7. DUBLER 8. Frack
(Top 4 could finish in any order)


I see the winner of Strickland and Arrington in the finals against Michaels or Jaquay here. As for district 6, I am going with Arrington to finish 4th. I do not think he gets by Strickland in the quarters I see him losing a wild match with Jaquay for 3rd. I see Cooper Gilham and Hunter Walk both going 2-2 and losing in the blood round. I will take Michaels over Strickland in the finals.

1. Michaels 2. Strickland 3. Jaquay 4. ARRINGTON 5. Gramly 6. Best 7. Boscoe 8. Jacob


I think the best match here will be the Oswalt and Crookham semifinal match. The winner will take out Bayless in the finals. I look for both Ohl and Shunk to place here. I have Ohl finishing 4th and Shunk finishing 8th. Geidroc made a great run at the regional tournament, but will go 0-2. I am going with the fab frosh Crookham.

1. Crookham 2. Bayless 3. Oswalt 4. OHL 5. Smith 6. Wickard 7. Evans 8. SHUNK


I really think McMillen will need to bring his A+ game to win this weight class. I see him wrestling possible medal winners in every match. I think he gets by both Glasl and Garber to get to the finals. I see both Daubert and PRoudfit going 2-2 and losing in the blood round. I am going to carry Tyler Denochick's momentum, size and cradle into this tournament and see him finishing 8th.

1. Shields 2. MCMILLEN 3. Chletsos 4. Cymmerman 5. Garber 6. Garber 7. Ward 8. DENOCHICK


This weight is pretty wide open. I think it is going to come down to who has three great days of wrestling in themselves. I see Witmer being in the top 4 here. Chapman has a good shot at getting on the podium as well if he can replicate his Friday night and Saturday morning matches from two weeks ago. I want to put him on the podium, but I have him going 2-2. I like the Cassidy v. Jones winner to take title over Varndell.

1. Cassidy 2. Varndell 3. Jones 4. Witmer 5. Cornell 6. Higley 7. Leonard 8. Hester


I see a SW Regional rematch in the finals here. I will go with Ealy over GIbson once again. Gibson is the only D6 kiddo I see placing here. Duvall will lose in the blood round and Warshel will go 0-2 in his first Giant Center appearance.

1. Ealy 2. GIBSON 3. Kiser 4. Martin 5. Branford 6. Spirk 7. Bartolo 8. Chess


There are four studs sitting in the top half of this bracket (Dowling, Haubert, Cerniglia and Garcia). Whoever makes it through that gauntlet will finish at the top of the podium on Saturday afternoon. They will have a tough draw in Gabe MIller, as he is a hammer! I see Dowling making it to the semis, but droping a close decision to Garcia. Bob Krug had an outstanding run in the postseason, but I see him going 1-2.

1. Garcia 2. Miller 3. DOWLING 4. Haubert 5. Kazalas 6. Pugh 7. Cerniglia 8. Rosengrant