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D6 and State AA predictions (152-285)


D6 sends four really good kiddos to Hershey at this weight. I could actually see all of them having a chance to place. I see Rothrock and Holbay both placing here. I think Holbay will beat Dale in the blood round and Rothrock will beat Weitosh in the same round. Vulakh is a big time stud here. I think Schultheis will give it a go against him in the finals.

1. Vulakh 2. Schultheis 3. Erickson 4. Allen 5. Lear 6. ROTHROCK 7. Crebs 8. HOLBAY


Once again, another SW Regional rematch in the finals. I do not see Lawrence getting threatened in the top half of the bracket. I will go with Stoltzfus on the bottom half, although he will have a wildcard in freshman Nixon right off the bat and Arciuolo in the quarters. I think Sossong will finish on the podium as well. Link will go 1-2 to finish out his high school career and Sabol will end his sophomore year going 0-2 in his first Chocolatetown experience.

1. Lawrence 2. STOLTZFUS 3. Arciuolo 4. Linn 5. SOSSONG 6. Mosier 7. English 8. Nixon

I do not see McGill being tested this weekend. I do, however, think Derek Brown wants another shot at CLutter in the semifinals. I see him getting that shot and taking advantage this time.

1. McGill 2. BROWN 3. Clutter 4. Gentile 5. Harris 6. DeJesus 7. Galasso 8. Houdeshell


I heard Yingling was under the weather at regionals, and it looked like it on Saturday. I am going to say he bounces back with a good tournament here this weekend. I think the winner of his match with McClintock in the quarters will get to the finals. I do not see him overcoming McClintock's height. I do see him bouncing back to finish on the podium. I also see Smychynsky standing on the podium Saturday afternoon.I see Henigin going 1-2 in his first trip to Hershey.

1. Pitzer 2. McClintock 3. O'Connor 4. YINGLING 5. Henry 6. Miller 7. Walley 8. SMYCHYNSKY


I really enjoy watching Garcia wrestle. He is always going for the fall. I think he tops Franklin for the 2nd time this year in the finals. Whaley will finish 0-2, but he put together a great run at IUP to qualify for Hershey.

1. Garcia 2. FRANKLIN 3. Fegley 4. Tremain 5. Csencsits 6. Richardson 7. Crebs 8. Magin


I could see DeLuca getting tested in the semifinals against Wood. I also see some fireworks coming in the bottom half semis with McMaster and Mordaunt. I will take McMaster avenging last years loss in the finals. I see both Croft and Johnston going 1-2.

1. McMaster 2. DeLuca 3. Mordaunt 4. Snyder 5. Wood 6. Rude 7. Zachman 8. Knisely


I would love to see Ryan v. Winfield part 20? I do not think that is going to happen. I see Whitehill beating Kole in the semis. I think he bounces back to finish in the top 4. I think Whitehill and Ryan will be fun to watch. Both are very aggressive on their feet.

1. Ryan 2. Whitehill 3. Stephens 4. Winfield 5. Skeehan 6. Long 7. Quinton 8. Kemper