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D6 AA Rankings #5 (106-145)

A big tournament weekend for many of the District 6 AA teams. This brought out many placewinners and a lot of matches against each other. Glendale won the Fred Bell Tournament for the second year in a row. (They did this without Brock McMillen, who I wish the best!) Penns Valley finished 5th at FB. At the Ultimate Warrior Tournament, BEA (6th), St. Joe’s (7th) and PO (10th) were in the top 10. Huntingdon finished 6th in the Thomas Chevrolet tournament. For this week’s rankings, I am going to add Regional Rankings in parenthesis. I am excited for this upcoming week as the team dual will take place! See everyone in Tyrone on Saturday morning!

1. C. Bainey BEA (#1)
2. K. Walls TYR (#8)
3. J. Harbert LV
4. L. Dunsmore HUN
5. J. Mathews CEN
6. C. Stewart MC
7. L. Pase WB
8. N. Rabenstein BA
Matyak FH, D. Hockenberry GL, Fleshman PV
Weekly Review
Bainey finishes 2nd at UW. He pinned Pase in the tournament. Walls finished 5th at UW. Matthews finished 6th at TC. Dunsmore beat Fleshman (10-1). Dunsmore and Matthews moved up in this week’s rankings. At this point, I see the top three holding firm here. I think the final three spots for IUP are up for grabs.
1/28 – Walls v. Rabenstein
1/30 – Matthews v. Rabenstein
Duals – Walls & Bainey (@ BEA), Harbert & Matyak (@ FH), Dunsmore & Matthews (@ HUN)

1. H. Walk TYR (#2)
2. B. Beatty MU (#8 @ 120)
3. Z. Dubler GL (#4)
4. E. Toth FH (#5)
5. J. Pifer BEA
6. N. Coudriet PO
7. L. Cornetto MC (#8)
8. J. Darlington PV
Z. Brandis CC, K. Saullurday WB, J. Brown LV, A. Coukart PT, C. Lamantia WH, E. Zukus RL, Noel PC
Weekly Review
Walk beat Beatty (6-2) in the finals at UW. He also beat Pifer (14-1). Beatty beat Cornetto (5-1). Dubler won at FB. I think the top 4 here are top notch! Pifer moves up to #5 after beating Coudriet (8-7), pinning Sallurday and finishing 5th at UW. Coudriet finished 7th at UW. He beat Zukus (18-8).
Duals – Noel, Beatty and Dubler (@Glendale), Walk, Pifer and Lamantia (@ BEA), Coudriet, Brown and Toth (@ FH)

1. J. Arrington FH (#1)
2. C. Gilham BEA (#5)
3. R. Mills HUN (#6)
4. I. Crouch CEN
5. T. Kushner WH
6. A. Sipes TYR
7. A. Syfert RL
8. J. Ball MV
N. Bryan PO
Weekly Review
Big ? here is that Mills moved up to 126 and finished 3rd @ TC. I will keep him at this weight for now, since he has wrestled down at 120. Gilham finished 5th at UW. Crouch finished 5th @ TC. Sipes finished 6th and Syfert (dropped from 126) placed 8th at UW. Gilham beat Sipes (7-1), Sipes beat Syfert (12-4) and Syfert beat Ball (4-2).
1/30 Sipes v. Ball
Duals – Sipes, Kushner and Gilham (@ BEA), Syfert, Crouch and Mills (@ HUN)

1. S. Dubler GL (#5)
2. N. Teeter FH (#4)
3. G. Stewart MC
4. A. Bowman CEN
5. K. Morehouse MU
6. E. Wagner HUN
7. Westrick CH
8. Lazer CC
C. Sparr JV, Knisely CK, Hicks SH
Weekly Review
Dubler wins @ FB. Stewart finished 2nd @ UW. Morehouse makes the drop and moves in at #5. He finished 3rd @ UW. Westrick finished 8th @ TC. He beat Lazer (8-6).
Duals – Morehouse and Dubler (@ Glendale), Bowman and Wagner (@ HUN)

1. B. McMillen GL (#1)
2. H. Armstrong MC (#3)
3. A. Ohl SJ (#4)
4. C. Polacek WH
5. G. Dunkleberger PO (#6)
6. C. Claycomb CK
7. C. Conner FH
8. A. Richner MV
M. Walls TYR, C. Chilcote MU, M. Dishong U, Reamer HUN, Packer BEA
Weekly Review
Armstrong moves up to #2 after pinning Ohl at UW. Armstrong finished 6th @ UW and beat Richner (13-3). Claycomb finished 5th @ TC. He beat RIchner (3-0) this week and moves up to #6. Ohl stays ahead of Dunkleberger after beating him (3-2).
1/30 – Claycomb v. Dishong and Walls v. RIchner
Duals – Chilcote and McMillen (@ Glendale), Walls, Polacek and Packer (@ BEA), Dunkleberger and Conner (@ FH)

1. Z. Witmer SJ (#2)
2. C. Royer PV (#5)
3. C. Chapman PO (#3)
4. R. Dunn WH
5. R. Harbert LV (#6)
6. A. Mangus RL (#7)
7. D. Finn FH
8. G. Misura GL
Keithley CK, Lauer HUN, Ballock BEA, J. Myers WB, T. Noonan BA, C. Stuchel BLV
Weekly Review
Witmer wins the UW. Royer was a runner-up at FB. Chapman finishes 6th @ UW. Misura moves in at #8 after finishing 5th at FB. Keithly from CK finished 8th @ TC and pinned Lauer. Dunn will move up after a 3-2 in over Harbart. Ballock beat Stuchel (7-5) and Myers (7-4).
Duals – Dunn & Ballock (@ BEA), Chapman, Harbert and Finn (@ FH), Mangus & Lauer (@ HUN)

1. G. McClenehan BEA (#1)
2. E. Gibson FH (#2)
3. C. Warshel RL (#4)
4. T. Rutter GL (#5)
5. A. Foster PO
6. S. Berardinelli PT
7. A. McCullough CC
8. Z. Blackburn WH
E. Morder JV, J. Myers WB, Runk SH
Weekly Review
McClenehan wins @ UW. He beat Warshel (2nd) in the finals (3-0) and pinned Foster. Rutter finished 5th @ FB. Foster finishes 7th @ UW and has moved into the #5 spot.