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D6 championships Predictions (106-145)

Let's Get Ready To RUMBLE......is all I can say! I am so pumped for this weekend. There are going to be some of the best wrestlers in the state going at it in Altoona! I want to wish all of the wrestlers, coaches, parents, and officials the best of luck!! As always, there will be exuberance, heart-ache, triumph and excitement taking place during those 48 hours.

Time for the picks! I am going to give a brief rundown of my thoughts of each weight class, along with some possible match-ups and end with my predictions and possible dark horses (Must be outside of the top 8 seeding).


I consider this being a one-dog race for the title...With that being said, I could see any of seven other wrestlers vying for the final 5 spots. I think Josh Harbert will make it to the finals on the bottom. Cohen Bainey will dominate is way through the top half of the bracket. I am going with Bainey by a major decision in the finals.

Key match-ups:
RD of 16 - Fleshman v. Salurday and Stewart v. Matthews
QTRS - Dunsmore v. Walls and Martyak v. Matthews/Stewart
Dark horse: Cam Stewart and Chase Fleshman
1. Bainey - BEA
2. Harbert - LV
3. Walls - TYR
4. Dunsmore - HUN
5. Martyak - FH
6 - Matthews - CEN


Very good weight here. I see any of the top 4 seeds standing on top of the podium on Saturday night. Make sure to be in your seats Saturday morning when the semis take place!! In the end, I see the top 4 seeds holding steady. After those studs, I could see 6 others fighting it out for the final 2 spots. Even the consys on Saturday will be exciting!

Key match-ups:
Rd of 16 - Cornetto v. Zukus
Semis - Walk v. Dubler and Toth v. Beatty
Dark horse - Liam Cornetto and Justin Darlington
1. Walk - TYR
2. Beatty - MU
3. Toth - FH
4. Dubler - GL
5. Coudriet - PO
6. Cornetto - MC

The collision course for Saturday night will be Gilham and Mills. I can see a lot of points being put up in this match. After these two, I see 6 or 7 wrestlers fighting it out for the final 4 spots. I think the middle quarters between Sipes & Kushner and Crouch & Ball will be fun to watch. I could see Chilcote or Syfert sneaking onto the podium as well..

Key match-ups:
Rd of 16 - Chilcote v. Syfert
QTRS - Sipes v. Kushner and Crouch v. Ball
Dark horse - Caden Chilcote
1. Mills - HUN
2. Gilham -BEA
3. Crouch -CEN
4. Sipes - TYR
5. Safest -RL
6. Ball - MV

I think the top 3 are locked in here. I think the battle here will be for 4-6. I think Polacek can hang with Suds, but not beat him. Arrington is a hammer and will breeze into the finals. We will see a good one on Saturday night!

Key match-ups:
Qtrs - Stewart v. Westrick
Semis - Polacek v. Dubler
Dark horse - Caden Reamer
1. Arrington
2. Dubler
3. Polacek
4. Morehouse
5. Stewart
6. Lazer

Other than McMillen being a beast, this weight should be fun to see play out. I think any of the top 10 wrestlers here could make it to IUP. I see a few upsets happening along the way, but this is one weight where the Quarters on Friday will be exciting!

Top match-ups:
RD 16 - Richner v. Dunkleberger
Qtrs - Dunn v. Armstrong, Teeter v. Claycomb, Harbert v. Oil
Semis - Ohl v. Teeter
Dark horse - Alex Richner (hard to say as he is a 3x Regional Qualifier) & Mason Walls
1. McMillen
2. Teeter
3. Ohl
4. Harbert
5. Armstrong
6. Dunkleberger

I do not see anyone stopping Witmer on the top half of the bracket. Chapman and Royer should be a good battle Saturday morning. I am anxious to see the quarters between Misura & Mangus and Chapman v. Flann

Top match-ups:
Qtrs - Misura v. Mangus and Chapman v. Flinn
Semis - Chapman v. Royer
Dark horse - Zander Ballock, Chandler Lauer and Cole Stuchel
1. Witmer
2. Royer
3. Chapman
4. Flinn
5. Mangus
6. Lauer

Buckle in, because Saturday night could be a wild match between Gibson and Gage. I see all of the top 6 holding true here.

Top match-ups:
Qtrs - Ritter v. Korenoski
1. Gibson
2. McClenehan
3. Warshel
4. Korenoski
5. Rutter
6. Foster