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District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)

I apologize for getting this out late. I thought I had submitted it last night.

Three returning state placewinners highlight 152. I am anxious to see the Holbay v. DuVall. The winner will meet Caleb Dowling in the finals. I also see Taylor and Weyandt getting spots on the podium. That will leave 1 spot available for the rest of the weight to battle it out for the chance to move on to IUP.
Key match-ups:
QTRS: Taylor v. Weyandt
Semis: Holbay v. DuVall
Dark horse: Levi Brown
1. Dowling
2. DuVall
3. Holbay
4. Taylor
5. Weyandt
6. Brown

Once again, another very quality weight that will represent D6 well at regionals. I feel that Rothrock and Weitosh will meet in the finals on Saturday. I am torn between who to take, but I am going to go for a minor upset and go with Hunter Weitosh. I see the top 6 holding strong here and all of them moving forward.
Key match-ups:
RD 16 - Holbay v. Wolford
QTRS - Harr v. Taylor and Marcozzi v. Deline
Dark horse - Jon Wolford and Kyrie Mille
1. Weitosh
2. Rothrock
3. Harr
4. Marcozzi
5. Taylor
6. Deline

I do not see much standing in the way of Stoltzfus pinning or teching his was through here. Sabol will wrestle him tough, but Tyler is on another level. I think the final two spots will be up for grabs between 5 wrestlers.
Key match-ups
Semis: Weakland v. Sabol
Dark horse - Michael Fowles
1. Stoltzfus
2. Sabol
3. Weakland
4. Weaver
5. Davis
6. Peters

I think it is a three horse race here. Baney will be in the finals on the top bracket. On the bottom, I am anxious to see Sharer v. Eckenrode on Saturday morning. If Sharer is 100% and gets past Yingling, I can see him winning this weight. It is his senior year, so I am going to give him the nod here.
Key match-up:
QTRS - Muto v. Lichtenfels, Sharer v. Yingling & Kubat v. Eckenrode
Semis - Sharer v. Eckenrode
Dark horse - None
1. Sharer
2. Baney
3. Eckenrode
4. Kubat
5. Lichtenfels
6. Muto

I think this is a wide-open weight. I know Dluhos has put together a great season and Dudurich and Morre are very solid, but I do not see a definitive leader here. I think it is going to be who wants it the most in the third period that will determine who is standing on top of the podium. After those 3, the final 3 spots will be fun to see wrestled out!
Key match-up:
QTRS - Caracciolo v. Peck
Semis - Dudurich v. Moore
Dark horse - Ethan Eicher
1. Dluhos
2. Moore
3. Dudurich
4. Peck
5. Eicher
6. Mocek

Another match-up in the finals here that we could see in Altoona, IUP and in Hershey! Johnston v. Ryan!! After these two beasts, I do not see anyone hanging with Close. That will leave the final three spots available between 5 wrestlers.
Key match-up:
QTRS - Anderson v. Kennedy-Citeroni
Dark horse - Austin Wagner
1. Ryan
2. Johnston
3. Close
4. Kennedy-Citeroni
5. Anderson
6. Gresh

You never know who is going to slip or get rolled to their back here. I see a lot of close matches taking place and up to 5 guys could win this weight. I truly think if this was wrestled through four times, we may get a different order of finish each time. I am going to go with the person I think is the most wrestling sound and pick Pellegrine, but like I said, "ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN" with the big boys!
Key match-up:
QTRS - Jasper v. Black
Semis - Beatty v. Jasper and Pellegrine v. Yonko
Dark horse - None
1. Pellegrine
2. Beatty
3. Jasper
4. Yonko
5. Black
6. Kiinger

Team Race
Wow! This is going to be harder to pick that the 285lb weight class. I see St. Joes having their studs all make runs here, but I think it is going to take a team with a lot of depth and winning matches in the consys to prevail here. With that being said...My predictions are:
1. Forest Hills
2. St. Joes
3. Glendale
4. Westmont-Hilltop
5. Philipsburg-Osceola
Dark horse (To finish in the top 3) - Bald Eagle Area

**I wish all of the wrestlers the best of luck! Remember, these are just my predictions! I want the champs to prove me right and everyone else to prove me wrong.

Re: District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)

Just some incredible matches so far today. Wow. Hopefully tonight is just as great.

Re: District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)


Couldn’t agree more. Lots of Pride at both ends of art 865 today. Vikes are on the cusp of hosting a wild parade through Fallen Timber late tonight. And your Blue Devils had some terrific moments. Really enjoyed the biggest Devil dominating that Topper in the semis. Good luck tonight and at IUP

Re: District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)

You were spot on at 195. Pin with 17 seconds left in the 3rd! That Topper wanted it more tonight. Hopefully they can meet deep into the tournament next week and both get to states! Great job Glendale on your team title!

Re: District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)

Congrats to your Vikings. Very impressive from top to bottom. That Ryan/Johnston match was incredible. You guys have a fantastic program and all should be proud of that team. Best of luck to all of them at IUP and beyond.

Re: District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)

Thanks John. We’re hoping the Big E Blue Devil gets to Chocolatetown and of course KJ the biggest Viking too.

As for JimmyD’s post—- the Topper 195 is tough. From the few times i’ve seen WH this season he seems to be right now their best wrestler among a crew of good ones but he clearly seems to be the best conditioned Topper as well at this stage of the season. I’m thinking the head coach of the newly crowned D6AA champs will put in just one or two extra Wyerough to Headache Hill runs this week before the big show(down) at IUP. And yes, want to see both of them in Hershey

Re: District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)

Let me ask you this. Any idea where to look for participants, seedlings, brackets etc for regionals? I’d appreciate any help I can get here.

Re: District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)

Haven’t seen them yet but if history is any predictor I know Rich will post as soon as he has them as well as session start times, etc

I’m guessing on here by this evening.

Re: District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)

Ok. Thank you.

Re: District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)

here you go john http://live.pa-wrestling.com/pdfs/2020_South_West_AA_results.pdf

Re: District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)

Congratulations to Glendale on their D6AA title. Many thought they had a good chance to win the individual title but to see it happen is quite something. With their male enrollment numbers, this feat is nothing short of incredible.

Time to give credit where credit is due. Not many saw BEA finishing second and giving Glendale a run for their money until the very last few matches of the final round. Huntingdon shot up the standings as well to round out the top three. I didn't see BEA and Huntingdon in many top 5's, let alone top 3. We will give Stump some credit because he said BEA could be a darkhorse and finish top 3.

As a county, Centre County again put in a respectable performance. Out of the 26 team tournament, their 3 programs (PO, PV, and BEA) all finished in the top 7. If you count St. Joes, they had 4 teams finish in the top 8. Solid finish for Centre County in AA.

AA is a meatgrinder, no doubt about it. However, it also shows the gulf between AAA and AA this year. BEA nearly pulled off the upset (amid controversy) against Westmont Hilltop, probably would have made the dual meet finals, and they also finished second at the individual tournament. At AAA, BEA lost to Bellefonte, got crushed by CM, and got smashed by State College. They would have probably gotten a couple of more qualifiers to regionals next weekend if in AAA (take top 4 with only currently 8 AAA teams) but they might not have even placed in the top 4 of the individual or team duals tournament. They would probably be behind SC, MC, CM, and Bellefonte.

Just some food for thought.

Re: District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)

Yes and next season the true D6AA GOLIATH Toppers make the move to AAA and those programs you noted all bring back a herd of horses next season.

Re: District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)

Thank you. Much appreciated.

Re: District 6 AA Championships Predictions (152-285 & Team)

No problem