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Re: Thanks for the reply

We don't think we are missing the point and our readers will disagree that we aren't shedding light on the subject. We have said time and time again that Blair, Sharron and Bush were perpetrators of 9/11. Mossad were players, but not the main players. There couldn't have pulled it off unless they had the cooperation of the United States government. Mossad is just another branch of the CIA and the CIA is just as interconnected with Mossad.....they don't operate independently of each other. People will miss the point if we just point to one organization. We refer to the whole cabal as "globalists" which includes Mossad, Central Intelligence, along with the international bankers who finance them. That includes the Zionist Rothschild family which controls half the world's wealth. We have pretty close to 100 articles on this site which we talk about that in depth. You can't just read a few of our articles and conclude we never named Mossad as a perpetrator...because we have called them out dozens of times....