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you have been brainwashed for over 25 years of course Michael Jackson WAS REPLACED!!!!!!!!!

'black' Michael was 5ft9 and 'white' Michael was 5ft11
if you listen closely to 'black' Michaels thriller album and 'white' Michaels bad album ITS TOO DIFFERENT PEOPLE
your question to 'A.why would they replace him with a white person and B why not just replace him again instead of having to cancel a massive tour at the 02 Arena and avoid losing millions?

Because it WOULD BE Obvious that it is not Michael.

lets get one thing straight Michael Jackson NEVER had vitligo even though black people can get it Michael was one of those black people who didn't have it. the media said this to make an excuse of Michael Jackson having vitligo knowing that they replaced him with frank jespin

why would they replace Michael well its simple because he's BLACK the media and the music business do not want a black as top as Michael was.

compare 'black' Michaels moonwalk in his victory tour and 'white' Michaels moonwalk its different 'black' Michael glides and 'white' Michael slides and when they sing its different what you need to is listen to how 'black' sings in his victory tour and how 'white' Michael sings in his bad tour. they both dance and sing different

you are right about the wigs 'black' Michael did wear a wig after his Pepsi accident. I would like to say I believe 'black' Michael died in 1985 not 84 because of his victory tour and we are the world but Michael did die in the 80s