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did michael jackson die in 1984 or 1985?

I would like to talk about the death of the the \'real\' michael jackson not who died in 2009(imposter)

ok i belive like most people that michael jackson the \'real\' one had been dead since the mid 80s(84 or 85) ok i do NOT beleive he was killed in the pepsi acendient 1984 why hear are my reasons

michael jackson and his brothers was planning for a tour known the as the victory tour 1984 and michael done \'we are the world\'
ok so if michael did die in 1984 who was the man that claimed to be him...... dont say frank jespin we all know he came in 1986 and is popular for his \'bad\' album the bad was not black michaels that was frank jespins album.

on to what i was saying who was the black guy who claimed to michael up until his replacesion with frank jespin in 1986? I will tell you NO ONE came up until 86
michael was really killed in 85 and then we see bits of \'white\' michael in 86 then in 87 we a LOT more of \'white\' michael. so michael really did die in the 80s but not 84 it was 85 michael died shortly after his \'we are the world\'

i would like to see replies for from anyone whos sees this so Did michael die in 84 or 85 you be the judge and if 84 i would like to known the black guy who came after the so called \'death of michael in 84

I Also posted another reply to guy who did not beleive michael had died in the 80s
i would like to see replies
thank you
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