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Evidence to prove michael jackon died in 1985

ever since black michael had been killed after we are the world people have been fooled to believe that from 1986 its still michael i want to point out that he might of been killed after he came to london in 1985.

michael dieing the pepsi accident na come on really? that incident was planned PERIOD,michael was attempted to be killed but it didnt go as planned

frank jespin is the imposter starting from 1986 what you have to remember from 1982(thriller)to 84(victory tour) we saw him often until mid 1985 he went out of public view then in 1986 HES WHITE come what the HELL how in the hell can we see michael as a popular black at that time from black to white person ask your that the height change the MOONWALK change the ears and the lips.
now this is FAKE the onion make up stories BUT... why why and ask your self why this might be ture why claim that michael had been dead since the mid 80s when we first saw mike publicly white was 1987 we all thought 'michael jackson is white' we never thought about that it might not be the same mike we knew it was the same person at the time
why replace michael with a white its appeal and more cash cows so listen to frank jespins BAD album and micheals thriller album two different people the dancing do research your as well what i want to point out is the pedo stuff satrting when white michael came in his bad tour bring boys to his room WTF black mikr was not like that in 1987 i read somewhere to someone mike knew about a boy coming to his bed im not making this up i read this mike 1958-1985 the really mike

in 1984 mike is standing next to diania ross he is slightly taller than her two years later he towers over her in 1984 mike standing next to brooke shields who is 6 ft he is up to her lips in the 90s hes the same height as her some photos have been photoshoped so look for pic that you can see the height diffrence there is a teeth diffrence as well another pic is in 1983 he is about 2 to 3cm taller than james brown in the 2000s james is up to his lips the moonwalk you need to check out as well compare the moonwalk in his victory tour and then compare to bad tour up to history tour
frank jespin may have been out of the sence from 1991 then a couple of more imposters are used

the jackson family are apart of the illuminati joe jackson solded out his the jacksons so the illuminati killed him they do not want a black as high as michael was from 1979-1985 michael was always black

preace the truth
this is my 3rd post