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michael jacksons skin

Today marks the end of the jacksons victory tour december 9th 1984(december 9th 2014)
when i said to an ignorant person who said mike did not die in the mids 80s(before 1986 to by sure)i said mike did not have vitligo, now when i saw some pics of him in 84 i was like 'what' because if you watch
something doesnt add up 0:11 hes white 0:49 hes light but 1:21 hes black maybe its the direction of the light and 2:57
so in 84 you may see pictures of him and he may look like light due to direction of the light (being a brown skin black person myself when i stand in the light i look mixed but im not when i come out of the light i go back to my natural complexion)
michael had lupus when he was black(well he was always always black until he was switched with that inposter) you will see that his cheeks are red so mike has some sort of skin diasease
but i sometimes think that there was some sort of imposter in 84

mike hated is nose.. for a reason but why? his dad the mike was saying how he would faint when his father would come in the room and he would faint or feel sick (due to him beating him)
off the wall 1979,d.ZWU&psig=AFQjCNEx2BQ2LgewX6wFuZqQ5vrJC9iAqA&ust=1418233437577904
as we can see he has had plastic surgey on his nose i heard he fell over and broke his nose in 79(come on mike do better than that sorry mike but i dont beileve that),d.ZWU&psig=AFQjCNGaAO8UOHTe_9BQP18-cK7uH8SPTA&ust=1418233592444835
now he has had surgey on his face shape
mike HATED his father dont blame him he had a wicked dad and when it was this date 30 years ago mike was planned to be replaced
Joe Jackson dont care about mike more money all he cares, so replacing the real MJ with Frank Jespin was more money for Joe(by appealing because the imposter is white)
Mike died long ago be igronant about it if you want
the dancing changed(87 the imposter was fully in action) the height the ears, the lips and the Moonwalk stand out
Frank jespin was used up till 1991 then a lot more imposters come in to the sence
why replace mike with a white person to 'appeal more'
black stands out but white.. stands out commercially

when june 25th 2009 hit the hole world was in shock
But the Jacksons and the media aka system goverment made there money after 25 years since the real MJ died(at time)had died mike was the most popular singer dancer that lived so after they made there money
according to the guy he wrote about frank jespin the link is in my other post says that he was taken(just before THIS IS IT) out because he was going to reveal some secrets about the real MJ and how he died a long time ago
The jacksons cried because there brother/son had been replaced and even killed a long time ago so dont be fooled there only crying because for SOO long mike had been replaced

imposters started in 1986-2009 and even maybe after we are the world
so RIP michael jacksom 1958-1985