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How US government is using charged particle weapons to subjugate, treat like slaves, experiment, tor

Have you seen the "men who stare at goats" or "Manchurian candidate" ? There is a horrible reality behind these movies that is being lived by thousands of American citizens today. In this article I am telling you this reality and how me and my family are living a "nightmare" thanks to our "freedom and democracy living peoples' government by the people for the people".

This may be our last message if us as family, an American family, before my, my wife and daughter are murdered by American psyop agencies, specially the human garbage which claims to be a Hindu by last name khare.
Our address is follows.....
Just as.I am loosing ability to breath and my muscles..

USA intelligence psyop agencies' plot to murder American president.


How is this done?
This is done mostly through emf filters education charge the air particles and molecules in the air around and in your body. At different high frequencies this can generate different effects such as acidic, alkaline reactions etc. Think if thunder electric discharge through the air. Can cause to make smell ammonia.
Electric b filled at different frequencies cause different efferent effects
One of the major weapons is use of emf fields causing haemoglobin in your body which has chargeable iron to cause to charge blood in human body and make gush around or concentrate on your body and cause person's death through Internal haemorrhage. This is how they killed my brother for experimentation. They also used this to cause the death my unborn child while my wife was pregnant. .
Jagannath vishnu Khare alias anil khare alias v Khare alias Avinash khare, is an old operator joined the psyop division in 1980s as a Russian sleeper agent. His entire family is involved on espionage against USA.

The main person in these CIA psyop division responsible driving this operation is psychopath called with last name Khare and is of Indian American origin. He is also known child abuser and pedophile..

Please forward this to the president's chief of staff, since it concerns president Trump and his family. I am sending this to various executives of American companies so the story about experimentation and murder of me, my wife and my 8 year old daughter, an American family will be sent to people who can put a stop to it.

Ask president Trump and his family to read this.
This is how US intelligence agencies like NSA, naval intelligence,. Army intelligence, CIA and NIA are planning to
destroy him and his family.
The us intelligence agencies has had the capabilities to evesdrop on human conversation, and thoughts through specific electromagnetic frequencies in microwave range including ability to kill human beings with radiation energy weapons since 70s.
They have been using this to manipulate and destroy Trump family ever since his bid for pres hi NJ jidential election became serious.

This story is about a reality that most Americans are not aware of our even dismiss as a fantasy or science fiction.

What will you think if I were to tell you that America's spies use psychic powers to communicate and program people remotely to do their bidding ranging from using other people's eyes and ears and senses to see, hear and sense distant places. The same technology can be used to experiment psychologically, and psychically as well as killing people.

This is part of a technology which came into being as part of star wars initiative during Reagan administration.

Human body has an intimate relationship with electromagnetic energy. Our brains use electricity to convey neural impulses. The fMRI technology can be used to pick up brain impulses and study these to identify if a person is lying. Incidentally this is something that federal government is planning to install in airports to spy on passengers so they can see if you're a terrorist or not. Weird that an excuse of identifying a few terrorists, has the government given itself freedom to probe your minds and souls.

this is done using by beaming charged particles in the area surrounding you. these charged particles are created using electromagnetic fields either projected from satellites or inland radar installations. these charged particles when applied different emf frequencies use attract different molecules or atoms in the atmosphere or your body to create different type of effects like creating salt-like, acidic or alkaline environment which can be manipulated to disable, debilitate or murder a human being by inducing various effects like heart attack or brain haemorrhage or Internal body organ failures etc.

the US government is using these weapons on american citizens including children to fine tune and understand how to make these more effective. America is the forefront of this entire technology while some other countries are not far behind. This technology can be used to also induce thoughts or listen to peoples' t