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WANT TO TALK about Bob?s bootlegs? Wanna know which CD is the unmissable souvenir of your last gig? Got ANY boot question, and don?t know where to turn?

Then THE BOOTLEG FORUM is the place for you!

WITH MOST BD PERFORMANCES being mini-disc?d (some several times over!) and many superb sets coming out on CD and CD-R, how can you find out exactly what?s out there? Simple: you ask!

That's what THE BOOTLEG FORUM?s all about; world-wide information.

IF YOU'RE LOOKING for a particular recording, feel free to say so. However, THE BOOTLEG FORUM isn?t a sale page, so please don?t start offering your priceless collections to the highest bidder. We can?t and won?t knowingly facilitate the sale of any items that might infringe the artist?s copyright.

Oh, and one last thing; this is an open forum. We can?t be surprised if every now and then the forces of officialdom take a quick browse.

So do be careful naming names?

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After recently discovering this web site and reading all that is displayed i feel it is within my best interests to put the following question to who ever feels they can offer me some sound advice on my given topic.The question in hand basically revolves around my first dylan bootleg purchase which is a four cd box set by the name of Bob dylan in Christiania as from the box and related material in side i am immediately told that it is a live recording of Bob in the free state of Christiania in Norway etc etc .Could some one plese basically back my thinking up that the information i am given from the box and linar notes is correct and that this is in fact what it says on the box regards Kevin.....

Re: Christiania - by Magnus - Dec 5, 2002 4:53am
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