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WANT TO TALK about Bob?s bootlegs? Wanna know which CD is the unmissable souvenir of your last gig? Got ANY boot question, and don?t know where to turn?

Then THE BOOTLEG FORUM is the place for you!

WITH MOST BD PERFORMANCES being mini-disc?d (some several times over!) and many superb sets coming out on CD and CD-R, how can you find out exactly what?s out there? Simple: you ask!

That's what THE BOOTLEG FORUM?s all about; world-wide information.

IF YOU'RE LOOKING for a particular recording, feel free to say so. However, THE BOOTLEG FORUM isn?t a sale page, so please don?t start offering your priceless collections to the highest bidder. We can?t and won?t knowingly facilitate the sale of any items that might infringe the artist?s copyright.

Oh, and one last thing; this is an open forum. We can?t be surprised if every now and then the forces of officialdom take a quick browse.

So do be careful naming names?

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Is it only me...?

Hi! I have been thinking about the NET and my question is: Is it only me whos beginning to think its time to quit? Or at least take a healthy brake and re-charge the batteries, because I think they are running out and are almost empty by now. I read an interesting review last fall. Interesting mostly because it was negative about a Dylan show! At first I didnt think much of it, but then I sat down and read it more carefully. The author of the article had a few good points and one of them was that "neither Dylan or his fans, benefit in any way by saying everything is great without exception". "This only leads to a continuing of the tour were a tired and uninspired Dylan performs inferior versions of his greatest hits". Im not saying that theres nothing worthwhile in a Dylan performance today, but I think the reviewers thoughts have some substance after all. I saw Bob in Copenhagen in april last year and my reaction was positive, but nothing more. A fair and enjoyable show but a step backwards compared to shows from recent years. When I got some bootlegs from the fall shows in the US, I was not at all impressed! The "piano" tour is (in my opinion) a boring experience and save for a few "funny" covers, its not a pleasant listening at all. The thing you could hope for was that this idea about playing piano was a temporary "blackout", but recent shows in Australia are following the same path. I know its controversial to criticize "His Bobness" and when you do it in a forum like this, I guess Im asking for trouble! But Im curious about what other fans think about this? Even if its great to have the opportunity to see Bob Dylan in concert almost every year, wouldnt it be better if he put together a tour every second or third year instead? In doing so, Im pretty sure he would be more motivated and more determined to put on a great show than he seems to be at the moment. My personal opinion is that the NET was at its peak between 1997-2000. After that, I think its good but not exceptional and the latest shows are pale in comparison. Let me know if you think Im wrong or not.