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KILLNG ME ALIVE(Piano Version)etc

Hello all you other Dylan Bootlegs MANIACS,

Here's a theory that may have been put forward before but all the bob boot books I've read seem to have missed one point a little bit.
On some of the alternate takes/tunes that come to us only via CBS reference actetates a couple of them have a strange mix where the lead vocal dominates(to say the least!!)
(I speak of 'Killing Me Alive'ie.'Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence) and the Piano/Vocal version of She's Your Lover Now.It's a fact that Bob's voice is very much to the fore at the expense of any backing that accompanies the tracks
Killing Me Alive has the evidence of Bloomfield(?) giving it his all on the guitar,but we only get to hear quiet ghost like sounds of his schorching guitar,presumably Bloomfield was recorded onto different track on the multitrack tape and even though his track is turned down low on this mix,the volume at which Bloomfield plays/played his guitar must've been loud ehough to leak into other microphones leading to us hearing it via bob's vocal mic(which is turned up on he
Now to my point.I think that the reason that the vocals are mixed so very high on such tracks is because someone was expected to use the acetate to transcribe what Bob was singing(perhaps for publishing reasons,maybe for copywright).
Someone suggests that the reason that Bob recorded hisShe's Your Lover Now piano/vocal version was as a demo for the band to get an idea of what was expected of them when they recorded the band version soon after.
As Mr.Clinton Heylin pointed out,the first version of SYLN is USELESS for this purpose and it makes more sense to me that the lyrics would need copyrighting if intentions were to tape a full band version soon after and that's why the vocal is (often ubearably)loud.
These are the only two examples I have heard where the vocal trcak is mixed WAY TOO LOUD but there maybe more aceates,as yet unheard by the general public,which can be attributed to the same practices of transcribing Bob's lyrics from a rough recording instead of the man himself writing them out(by this time,anyway,Bob was making stuff up on the spot-esp Barbed Wire Fence,and the reason that the second version of SOABWF has very similar lyrics to the first piano driven version may just have something to do with that first 'vocal too loud' actate helped him remember what he'd imrovised first time around and tho we know that the words to She's Your Lover Now were not improvised,the transcription of lyrics for copyright purposes seems like a valid idea to me.
Anyway,what dy'all think?

Thanks for listening and please exscuse the terrible typing and errors but my keyboard is acting up but I hope I got my intended points across.


Re: KILLNG ME ALIVE(Piano Version)etc

PS I forgot the "RnB" or "Fast" version of "Freeze Out" (Visions Of Johanna) which also has the vocal and harmonica(which were obviously being captured by the same mic)a lot louder than the rest of the band.
Unfortunatley this place seems to be a ghost town and nobody's here to exchange theories with.I am sad(boo-hoo)
C'mon people,let's talk!!!