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Re: Sally Free and Easy

I don't know if soembody beat me to it but I thought I would tell you that Dylan didn't really record a version of Sally Free And Easy but rather began to sing a few lines from the song during his solo version of That's Alright Mama jst as the song is breaking down.I believe that the solo(just Bob&Piano)version is not,like the rest of the versions of the song from the Freewheelin' sessions(where he has several tries recording the song with a band) but actually comes from one of the final(if not THE final) sessions for the Times They Are A-Changin' album (Aug,Sept or Oct 1963)-(I'm sorry I don't have a reliable sessionography to hand where I am!but I pormise it's from the end of 1963)
It's a great,rumble,tumble version of the tune with Dylans idiosyncratic piano playing refusing to stick to a solid time signature or even a basic beat and towards the end,as I said,Dylan begibs to attempt a version of Sally Free And Easy as a coda to this version of That's Alright Mama.I don;t remember off-hand if he manages to get a full verse or two of Sally before the tune breaksdown but if you're looking for a complete take of the song,I'm sorry,ye shall be diappointed.
I would be happy to get an MP3 of the rceording to you if you'd like to hear it(via "You Send It" or one of those other services such as "RAPIDSHARE")
Just let me know your e-mail addy and I'll get right in it.