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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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Smog and Comfort


was wandering if the entire h22 swap will pass smog?
cuz i dont want to have a 3g in the swap and go get it smoged and not pass. that would suck. also i know your crx is gutted. is the ride still comfortable. handles smooth. or does it feel like driving a go kart with no suspension?


Re: Smog and Comfort

Yes a h22 can pass the smog all depends on the wiring setup and the ecu...a stock prelude p13 ecu will work just need to have the EGR hooked up if you don't and have it tell the truth my h22 crx handles better then my last B series crx. The weight difference is not that much 90 crx hf weighs in at 2020 lbs with me in it that is ligther then the last CRX SI weighed 2150 lbs. Weight isn't an issue...Be ready to see a H series CRX in the future at your local circle track events...good questions

Re: Smog and Comfort

hi.u say your crx handles just as good as a b series.have you put more weight in the back end?ive been told it mite be a good idea to weld some heavy sheets of metal underneath the boot so the rear end wont spin out round corners.thanks

Re: Smog and Comfort

remember, the more weight u add, the slower you go... the ablilty to turn all depends on the suspension set up... our cars are 15+ years old..... when was the last time u checked all your bushins?