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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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h22 into crx

what will a stock h22 in a crx run down the 1/4 mile??

Re: h22 into crx

Hello, thanks for posting...a customer's car recently went 13.3@104 mph with p13 ecu ebay bolt ons I/H/E and not so good street tires...I haven't dialed in my Red H22A Crx...last year I did hit constant 106 mph speeds with 15 whp and 10 ft lbs torque less...(street tires) but we for see a 12 second pass this year with street tires...-John

Re: Re: h22 into crx

wow thats impressive.. thank you for the respond.. im starting my project pretty soon

Re: h22 into crx

i was wondering if i would have to change anything else on my car besides the mounts axles and cables for h22 swap into a crx

Re: h22 into crx

All H22A EF swaps will require you to bolt/weld in the new passenger side bracket that is in our kit. I recommend welding it in. You will also need to make some clearance on the rear cross member. You may need to notch the passenger side wheel well for tranny clearance. Bolt in the engine with the driver side mount and rear mount this will locate you in the zone where the passenger side bracket will need to be welded in. Make sure you put your axles in first before you weld the bracket in. Triple check things before you weld. Our kits include detailed instructions with pictures through the process. You will need to bolt in the Accord 90-93 or Prelude 92-96 cable shifter assembly and cables. Like a B series swap with use of Integra axles you will need the 90-01 Integra Knuckle/Hub/Spindle might as well use the whole unit with brakes and caliper from the Integra. Integra Rotor and Caliper are bigger so a lil bit of an upgrade as well.

Our EF H22A kit's PRO's over other Co's:
Clears usdm stock hood
No firewall hitting
Uses the good axle combo Accord midshaft and Integra axles.
Made out of steel not aluminum. Steel is 2-3 times stronger.