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Explicit Speed Performance
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Del Sol H22

My friend has a 93' Del Sol with an H22, intake, dc header, tanabe exhaust, coilovers all around, dc tie bars, and strut bars, short shifter, stage 2 axles, stage 2 clutch, and v-afc. It's tuned to 210whp on 100octane. 15" tires and wheels in the front for racing.

The problem is at the track it only runs a 15.0 with a good driver in the seat. It spins a bit but not that much. It pulls like a beast on the street but doesen't seem to put down good times. Any help would be great.

Re: Del Sol H22

I believe correct me if wrong but a Del Sol actually weighs about the same as a DC they may look light but the structure is embraced a lot more due to the targa top. I want to say they are around 2500 lbs a couple hundred more then an EG hatch. To get a real good tune down either Hondata or Crome is needed something to get a detail tune down. Vafc just can't compare what Hondata or Crome software can do...get that done take it to the should be in the 14's area... also rebuilding the head with some aftermarket cams and matching valvetrain such as skunk pro 1's or pro 2' will bring that car to a new level...