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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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do you make motor mounts for my ef?

hey i have an ef wagon civic 1991 with 4wd 6spd. stock engine d16.

i neeed to replace the motor engine mounts asap. i wanted to get very stiff mounts this time as i have installed a turbo kit and need the engine to stay steady now. i have noticed you use 70A poly inserts. do you have anything much more stiffer? also do you make it for my car as a direct bolt on?

i like the 3 way strut bar but do you have it where it would fit mine with my turbo pipes?

Re: do you make motor mounts for my ef?

Thanks for the inquire. I do believe the Civic Wagon d16 mounts are the same as the EF sedan and EF hatch. I am 99% sure if so then the mounts should work for your swap. I would recommend trying our 70A first inserts and if not happy then switch out. Yes 3 pt from upper strut bar should clear the piping with no issues. -John