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Explicit Speed Performance
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Accord Midshaft

the midshaft necessary is a 90-93 accord...this would be the f22a if im not mistaken. I was told that the f and h transmissions are the same and the midshaft would be the same cuz i cant find the accord shaft in any junk yard or ebay for that matter. Someone help...

Re: Accord Midshaft

Correct the models that will have the Accord Midshaft is the 90-93 Ex or Lx model if it's a 90-93 Accord and has a midshaft in it, that's it. There is a difference between the Prelude midshaft and Accord. The Prelude midshaft is male to male. The Accord is male to female. Female side being the driver side, this allows use with the Integra axle. The Integra axles on the driver side inside is always male.