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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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h22 ef RAD HOSES

hey, i am wondering what rad hoses you used?
i talked to one guy who has an h22 eg and he used integra upper and accord lower. would it be different for ef... i suppose the answer to the first question will cover the second question

Re: h22 ef RAD HOSES

I am sure there is a few combinations that will work. I believe I use the stock EF coolant hose on the back of the coolant tube (back of engine) to firewall as well as the other coolant hose foming from the firewall to the side of the head. Accord or Prelude bottom radiator hose that may need to be spliced with a tube and 2 hose clamps to get the right angle and the upper radiator hose is using the Accord or Prelude but modifying to get the right bend in it (cutting just the right piece)