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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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h2b header

just wondering about the h2b headers you guys have? more info. please. h2b swap into a 94 civic ex coupe!

Re: h2b header

Yes we are still offering the H2B header... Our header unlike a few other Co's out there hugs the pan which is a must when doing the H22A swap.

We made the H22A 4-2-1 Header to outperform what was on the market at the time DC and Greddy. It has larger primaries down low 2" and 2.5" collector. Which has been proven to make 10 hp more then our competitors.

Our collectors are nice they are a ball and socket which has been used in the mopar world for a long and have seen there power gains. They require no gasket which is nice if it starts to leak just wrench it down more...

Please allow a 3-4 weeks wait we only do them once a month. Please email with any other questions. Thanks-John