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Explicit Speed Performance
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H22 into EF

been looking at your mounts gonna put my built boosted H into a EF hatch/CRX still in the air. Have access to a complete Hasport set up. Just wondering what sets your kit apart from theirs. I like what i see so far and may spend my money with you.

Re: H22 into EF

Hello, thanks for your interest in our Co.

Our EF H22A kit is better then our competitors for a few reasons... our kit will clear the stock USDM hood and firewall where theres wont. We did our homework on the kit. We ate, slept, breathed EF H22A for 2 months to get the kit perfect. We take time in our products and it shows. Our kit also uses the good axle and midshaft combo. Integra axles and Accord midshaft. Where as other Co's use the prelude axles and midshaft which haven been pron to problems for years. There joints aren't as strong as the integra. We were the first ones to come out with the kit. At the time our competitors were selling the motor mount kit for close to $800.00 for $780 with us you got our motor mount kit, which comes with the mounts, choice of H or D series alternator kit, clutch cable/hydro conversion lever system, choice of Red or Black insert colors, and our Famous EF H22A Traction Bar System which is a must with the swap the stock cross member wont work with it. Our competitors wont tell you that. Our competitors for a while now have had issues with there clutch cable/hydro conversion lever system. Ours works just the opposite of theres which puts less stress on the clutch cable and has a better ratio which in the end makes it super easy to engage. I have a stage 3 clutch in my H22 Crx and the clutch engagement pressure is even less then my fathers stock EF hatch. We did our homework and it shows. Please email me with any other questions or give us a call to place an order. Thanks-John

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