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umm... passenger axle messed?

ok, im done my h22 swap into my 90 civic hatch.
obviously i used your mounts and i used the raxles "custom" axle on the passenger side. whenver i take strong left turn something in the front right vibrates a lot. i have a strong feeling it is the axle. i think the axle is too compressed. it was a lot worse when i had 1" lowering springs in it (soft spring rate so it was a lot lower than 1"), i now put it back to stock springs and isnt quite as bad but still happens when i turn hard.

what are your thoughts on this? i was going to order another axle from raxles which would be another 1" shorter than the original custom one.

Re: umm... passenger axle messed?

I have done a handful of the EF H22 swaps the custom axle from has done the trick every single time without issue.

I would check to make sure it's not a torn rubber bushing in the suspension.

Do this next test this will show you how much play you have on your axle.

Make sure your car has full weight on it
Take the axle nut off
Use a Hammer tap the axle complete in till it bottoms out.
Then put the axle nut on a few threads
Pull the axle nut out this will pull the axle and show you how much play you have in the axle rull of thumb is you want atleast 1/4".

Please update this thread and keep me in the loop!

Re: umm... passenger axle messed?

hey john,

ok so it's definitely not any sort of torn bushing, i checked them all.

i decided to do what you suggested and measure the axle play.
i took the measurements with a dial indicator so i got accurate results.

passenger side was 0.187"
driver side was 0.339"

so im thinking i will call up raxles and try to get the same axle but 0.25" shorter.

what do you think about the situation?

Re: umm... passenger axle messed?

The handful of EF H22 swaps that I have done the axle has worked out perfect with play. Has your car ever been in a accident?

Yes in your case I would get a .25 shorter axle

Re: umm... passenger axle messed?

yes it has, but it was in the rear, quite minor.. but who knows...

ill try and get that axle
thanks for your time once again

Re: umm... passenger axle messed?

Your welcome! wouldnt take much to compensate that .25" difference.

Re: umm... passenger axle messed?

Hi, I also have a similar problem. I bought a 90 Integra with the H22 already swapped. It came with ESP traction bar, clutch cable and alternator relocator, and those are all great. However, I bought coilovers and lowered it and when I take a hard right turn I get that violent shaking as well, mostly at higher speeds/sharper right turns/and bumps (so the suspension is more compressed more in the left wheel?).

I am not much of a mechanic, but have many friends that could swap axles if that is the problem. What do you suppose I do? Much help would be great, I don't want to drive around with all that wheel gap, lol. Thanks!

Re: umm... passenger axle messed?

I would first check your suspension bushings make sure there are no tears or rips. Next I would raise the car up to stock height. See if it helps the issue. In some cases geometry of the axles gets thrown off if the car is slammed. However I don't believe this is the issue. Keep me in the loop. Thanks-John