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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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DA Traction bars

Hi, I'm interested in buying your DA traction bars, but was wanting to ask you a few questions first.

I see on the EF traction bars there's a verticle brace that has provisiion for bolting the brace to the tow hook bolt holes, as well as the bar being bolted up into the OEM cross member holes, are you planning on making anything similar for the DA set? if not, is there any particular reason for not doing so?

What's the shipping likely to cost for getting 5 of your finest bars to New Zealand?

Thanks for your time & you have an awesome looking product

Re: DA Traction bars

We don't feel the vertical brace is necessary on the DA plus I believe or mounting position is further up then the tow hooks. DA traction bar system is same design as our Prelude and Accord which have been both tested up to 700 whp with no issues :) Stength is our middle name.

Are you interested in all 5 of them being with the Cable B series Front Torque Mount Kit Prevision? Only works with Cable B trans. Or would you like some without the front torque mount kit? -John

Re: DA Traction bars

Ok, that's fair enough.
Umm the order break down will follow something similar to:

1x DA (w/ bracket)
2x EF (Assuming w/ bracket, to be confirmed)

and the last two to be decided, depending on what's in demand here in NZ (I'm throwing it out there that they'll be EG braces, do the EG braces work with the EJ1 chassis too? and have a D-series bracket?)


Re: DA Traction bars

I will email you in a second here. -John