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Explicit Speed Performance
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91 Accord auto to 5spd wire harness swap

I am swapping out my auto tranny for a 5spd. The wire harness is different. I have a manual wire harness from a 91 Accord 5spd. The connectors on the passenger side near the fuse box, 1 fits, the other doesnt. I need to splice connectors but the wires have a different color coding. Does anyone have a color code chart for the swap or any other solution for the wire harness connector mis-fit problem. PLEASE HELP!!!

Re: 91 Accord auto to 5spd wire harness swap

Hello, thanks for the post. I am far from a wiring guru. But I know who is. ask for Peter or Ryan. They also sell harness for the H22 swap into CB 90-97 Accord. They maybe able to come up with a lil plug and play harness to re route the wires and make the plugs compatible or be able to tell you wire to wire. Thanks-John