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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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Battery Relocate

In the pictures of your CRX swaps, every car has had the battery relocated. Is this necessary for the swap? Where is the best place to relocate it to, and are there any kits you can buy for doing this?


Re: Battery Relocate

They may clear in the front, not sure just never tried it, looks cleaner in the back. But there should be some relocation kits out there check jegs or summit racing. If trying to do it on your own. I believe I used roughly 17-20 ft of 2 gauge for positive in Red and about 2-3 feet of 2 gauge in Black. You want to make sure to step up the gauge from stock because you are routing to a much further destination. Terminals you can get at your local hardware store or marine store like west marine. They also have shrink wrap. -John