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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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esp header

from your page here

"Update: Our customer's H22A crx just made 204 whp and 166 ft lbs. of torque with this header, p28 crome tuned. Same mods. Same dyno. Different day.

Mods: Your basic JDM H22A OBD1 Crate Motor, I/H/E, 3" Short Ram Air Intake, Our custom 4-2-1 H22A header, 2.5" exhaust system, Stage 3 clutch kit and 12 lb flywheel, P28 Crome Tuned."

He made 18whp and 11wtq from just the header? Did this car have a stock header before this? Was it tuned before the esp header was dynoed?

"Most recent setup in My Crx is a 2000 H23A Vtec Blue Top same mods only things added were a Euro R manifold and a 68mm TB and 3" quick dump exhaust"

And in this one it sounds like you added the intake manifold, TB, exhaust, and your esp header and only made 3whp and .5wtq, even if that is just the header I dont get it, is that a revision of the header that made more power?


Re: esp header

2 different dyno's, last setup is a 2.3L not a 2.2L. The Header has typically made 5-10 whp and 5-10 trq more over a DC/Greddy header. There is no doubt it makes power. Hugs the oil pan which almost all other Co's wont. A major issue with swapped cars and lowered cars. Also our header features a 2.5" collector where as DC/Greddy Don't H22/H23's need to breathe :) -John