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New Project:H22 Euro R EF.. some questions

First off I want to say .. you are awesome.. I would buy from you over anybody just b/c you explain everything so well and you have this forum.. simply awesome.
So you have motivated me to consolidate 2 of my cars and do this swap...

Heres what I have for a chassis.

And heres my "donor car"

DYNO tuned BTW...

197whp and 168ft/lbs

First question is how much is every thing I need from you. i.e. mounts and such. Every thing.

Second is since I am completely redoing my EF(as you see in the pics), I want to use a whole accord harness(ecu to engine bay) and my accord ecu..possible?
and do you have any pics of the shifter cable assembly and/or install???cant seem to find pics of that.

Thanks alot for the inspiration.
Please email me if any one responds to this

Re: New Project:H22 Euro R EF.. some questions
Re: New Project:H22 Euro R EF.. some questions

Re: New Project:H22 Euro R EF.. some questions

ok tried everything and i cant seem to post pics but questions remain.

Re: New Project:H22 Euro R EF.. some questions

if you copy and paste this much of the img's in ur url bar ou can view

Re: New Project:H22 Euro R EF.. some questions

Hello, thanks for the post. Correct there are many reasons why our EF H22A kit is the best kit on the market.

It's always best and right way to use the stock EF engine harness and modify it, Send the harness to and the H22 engine harness from your accord, They will make you a plug and play harness for the swap for roughly $370. It's the best way to go, takes 10 min to install and you will have no wiring issues and headaches definetly worth it. When you purchase from Rywire tell them your using our mount kit. They will route the IAT sensor into your cold air pipe instead of on the manifold for clearance reasons. Please email me with any other questions or wanting to purchase. Email always quicker to reach me. .

What you want from is the EF H22A Packaged Deal which comes with the mount kit, clutch cable/hydro conversion lever system, choice of H or D series alternator kit, recommeded H for turbo plans and D for NA. Also comes with our EF H22A Traction Bar System which is a must with the swap. It replaces the stock front crossmember which can't be used for any EF F/H swap. Direct replacement. Also comes with complete instructions with pictures and step by step. Our EF H22A How To section on the right of our homepage will go into detail of the swap as well. EF H22A Packaged Deal is $780 shipped US with US postal money order or $804 shipped US with Paypal. -John