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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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ESP Turbo Kit!

You guys have done it again it looks like...

The kit looks great from what I can see, and I really like all the fab work done on it!

Quick question as I know you guys just barely finished the design but will we be able to purchase parts seperatly (manifold, radiator, ic pipes, etc.) or does it have to be all or nothing?

Is the radiator made in house too? Will you guys post more pics of the kit?! I'm specifically interested in the manifold and rad!

Thanks John and holy crap well done!

Re: ESP Turbo Kit!

I'd rather sell it as a kit to ensure quality. However will probably go as individually as manifold, downpipe, dumptube, IC pipes. Check back with me in a week or 2. Thanks-John

Re: ESP Turbo Kit!

Sounds good! How about the rad? you guys make that in house too or is it a modified fluidyne or....??

I'd love to see more pics...

Thanks man, you guys have been great so far...