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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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h22a with 95 accord 5 speed cb

im doing a h22a swap in a 92 accord auto. but im convering to a 5 speed. i just want to no what mounts to use. i have a 92 accord ex.

Re: h22a with 95 accord 5 speed cb

Hello, thanks for the inquire. You will want our CB 90-93 Accord Auto to 5 spd Motor Mount Kit, set of 3 driver, rear and transmission mount. You will need the 90-93 Accord Dx or Lx 5 spd Rear T Bracket or 92-96 Prelude Auto or 5 spd Rear T Bracket All Models. The Ex 90-93 has a different tilt and wont work with our rear mount. Stay away from the 90-93 Ex 5 spd Transmission. Wont work with our Transmission mount, it used an odd ball non typical F series stud pattern. Get a 90-93 Dx or Lx tranny or any 94-97 Accord or any 92+ Prelude. Email me with any other questions or wanting to purchase.