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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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everything i would need?

hey so for 500 bucks shipped i can get everything i need to do a h22 swap? would i need anything else and will the cv shafts from a h22 line up in my 1989 hf crx or will i need to do alot more mods. im so glad i found this site everyone is waiting to see if i can pull off a complete swap on my own. ive done small swaps d15 to b16 and f22 to the h22 but never swapped such a big motor in place of a lil one. so if you can let me know what i will need and if so im ordering...1989 hf crx h22A obd1 dohc vtec swap

Re: everything i would need?

Hello, thanks for the post. First off the H swap does take some work in the EF chassis, bout a 4 out of 5 and isn't for everyone, but is a great swap. More power then an ITR and K20 swap and half the price tag.

Please check out our EF H22A How To section on the right of our homepage goes into detail about the swap and a parts list.

I would recommend the EF H22A Packaged Deal, comes with mounts, clutch cable/hydro conversion lever system, choice of H or D series alternator kit, choice of Red or Black insert color, EF H22A Traction Bar Systems which is a must with the swap, it replaces the stock front cross member which wont work with any EF H/F swap. Also comes with complete instructions with pictures and step by step. Price is $800 shipped US with US postal money order or $824 shipped US with Paypal. Wait time is about 3 weeks upon purchase. Everything we make is hand made and made upon purchase. There are many advantages with our kit then our competitors three main ones is ours clears stock hood, and firewall and has the better/stronger midshaft and axle combo. Everything comes powder coated semi gloss black or for few extra dollars have 150 powder coating colors to choose from. IM or Email with any other questions or wanting to purchase. Thanks-John