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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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F22 / H22

I have a F22 SOHC could you tell me the major mounting differences between the F22 and H22. I swapping it into and 91 CRX HF. The engine came out of a 93 Accord, I have the stock ECU and wiring harness from the Accord. ANY advice would be a great help.

Re: F22 / H22

Hello, our EF H22A motor mount kit will be plug and play for the 90-93 Accord F motor. You will need to make sure the transmission is either Dx or Lx 90-93 Accord or Any 94-97 Accord Will Work or Any 92+ Prelude. The 90-93 Ex 5 spd Transmission has a odd ball non typical F series stud pattern and wont have the H stud pattern prevision to swap studs to be placed in H position, all other F trannys I mentioned have this.

Look to see if transmission has 3 studs, with 2 extra openings/boss's for studs to go into. If it does have it, that transmission will work. Thanks-John

You will want our EF H22A Packaged Deal which comes with mounts, clutch cable/hydro conversion lever system, choice of H or D series alternator kit, Choice of Red or Black insert colors. Also comes with our EF H22A Traction Bar System that replaces the stock front cross member which wont work with any H/F EF swap. Also comes with complete instructions with pictures and step by step. $800 shippped US with US postal money order or $824 shipped US with Paypal. Our kit is the best kit on the market, for quite a few reasons, better axle and midshaft combo, clears stock hood and firewall where as competitors wont.

Please send us Email if interested. Thanks-John

Re: F22 / H22

Sounds good. a few more questions. My CRX is an HF, I've heard a lot of different stories about what will and won't work. Is there anything extra I might need to do or not. And will this effect hood clearance? And what if anything can I do about the axles and shift linkages. I am on a super tight budget. Buying your kit will pretty much clean me out, but it will cover a lot of bases for less than I was planning. And thankyou for getting back to me so soon, and answering my questions. (this is my first swap)I'll definetly be buying this kit.


Re: F22 / H22

Hello, thanks for the post. No difference between install on any 88-91 Civic/Crx SI,Ex,Dx,Lx,HF hatch,crx,sedan,wagon. Our kit clears the hood with atleast 1/2" to spare, as high as we can get it. Clears stock firewall as well.

Check out our EF H22A How To section. Also has a parts list.

88-89 Acura Integra driver side axle parts store
90-93 Accord F series midshaft good to go if you have that.
88-89 Acura Integra passenger side only 1 custom axle it's 1/2" shorter on shaft with Accord Inner Joint put on it. sells this axle. Ask for Marty.

You will need to swap your stock HF knuckle/hub/spindle in the front for the 88-91 Crx SI or 90-93 Acura Integra or 92+ Civic. Better off getting the whole center section including Rotor and Caliper, Integra 90-93 uses a bigger caliper and rotor so a bit of an uprade!

90-93 Accord Cable Shifter Assembly and Cables or 92+ Prelude dont mix match cable shifter assembly and cables between Prelude and Accord. Thanks-John

Re: F22 / H22

Ok one last question, before I buy. How do I know if I have a D or H series Alt.? Is it based upon which engine the Alt comes off of or is it an actual design difference in the two? Either way I just need to know how to tell the difference. And I need to thankyou you have been a HUGE help so far, I really appreciate it. You've answered more of my questions in a few days than I have gotten in the last 2 months.

Re: F22 / H22

Thanks for the post! Thats what I am hear for :) to help you guys out.

You may use the D series alternator which needs to be from the 88-91 Civic or Crx from those years, they all used D series motors, that is the alternator. It's smaller then the H series, uses 3 ribbed belt and pulley where as the H is 6. So potentially the D alternator may free up little power. Easy way to tell is the pulley size and number of ribs D is 3 ribs and smaller pulley. Post any other questions or if ready to purchase give IM me, Call us or Email Us. Thanks-John

Email :

Re: F22 / H22

All right lets do this. i'd like that kit you have. one question, when i got y engine i got everything, both front and rear cross members, axles, shocks springs everthing. i also have the both series alternators. if i use the d series do i have to swap pullies, and see as i'm not using the AC what size belt am i going to need? let me know how we can get this purchase going.

Re: F22 / H22

Hello, thanks for the post. You can only use parts from a EF 88-91 cross members, shocks etc all are only to the car you got it from. Every honda/acura model is slightly different.

Nope, no swaping of pulleys, our alternator kits with the D alternator use the 3 closest ribs to the engine. Check out our alternator section on the right of our homepage go to the bottom and there will be a Schucks/O reilys or Napa Part number they will all be able to get you the belt. Thanks-John