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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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B20A (GoldTop)

Hey I was just wondering if there's anyway that you can get the goldtop motor into a 88-91 prelude si, I accidentally bought the wrong motor from japan and now I'm stuck with it i'm new with the preludes and need help. If it doesn't fit do you know of any websites that would be a good place to resell this engine or trade it for one that I need? Let me know thanks

Re: B20A (GoldTop)

Visibly and motor mount wise the B20 motor mounts will work. We carry the 88-91 Prelude B20/1 5 spd Motor Mount Kit features 1/4" steel much stronger and Red or Black 70A polyurethane inserts. Email if interested. We also carry the 88-91 Prelude Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit for B20/1 swaps. Email me if interested. Thanks-John