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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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Fuel Pressure Gauge ~N~ 88-91 Prelude

Just curious as to why a liquid filled gauge would be the preferred gauge over a dry one. Also what is the best mounting point? The fuel filter, fuel rail, or the Aeromotive/AEM FPR I'll be using. I plan on redoing all the lines in the engine bay with the braided kind make it look all pretty and what not like all the K swaps I been seeing.

Also do you intend on designing an H22 swap kit for the 88-91 Preludes or just the traction bar. Thanks.

Re: Fuel Pressure Gauge ~N~ 88-91 Prelude

Hello, thanks for the post. On most cars I usually mount the Fuel Pressure Gauge on the filter, (OEM) Your aftermarket FPR will work just fine. You can mount it on the aftermarket fuel rail since almost all aftermarket fuel rails have the prevision, just takes more abuse from the vibration of the engine.

I would recommend ontop of aftermarket FPR

Liquid Filled FP Gauge are more accurate and less pron to break, proven. You may go through 2-3 non liquid filled gauges in a span of an engine life, they break pretty easy. I would recommend a Marshall Gauge Liquid Filled.

Yes we offer for the 88-91 Prelude Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit for B20/1 or H/F swap. We also carry a line of Solid Point Strut Bars, 2 point front upper, 3 point front upper, 2 point rear upper or 4 point rear upper. -John

As far as the H22 mount kit for the 88-91 Prelude maybe something in the next few months.