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Explicit Speed Performance
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h22a and a 95 honda civic coupe

i was wondering what id have and need to swap my d16z6 engine out and put in a h22a and i also hear that the go bad fast of thin walls could u give me a idea for what id need to get it to git in my bay. thank you for your time.

Re: h22a and a 95 honda civic coupe

Hello, thanks for the post.

You will want our ESP 92-95 Civic/94-01 Integra H22A 5 spd Motor Mount Kit.

$295 shipped US. Comes standard semi gloss black powder coating with choice of Red or Black inserts. Wait time is about 2-2.5 weeks upon purchase. Everything we make is hand made and made upon purchase.

You will need:
90-93 Acura Integra driver side axle (stock)
90-93 Accord F series midshaft
88-89 Acura Integra passenger side axle with Accord Inner Joint put on it. sells this axle. Ask for Marty give him the specs I just told you.

You will also need to either purchase a custom plug and play harness from . Or modify your harness (extending some wires and swapings some plugs).

90-97 Accord or 92-01 Prelude Cable Shifter Assembly and Cables. Don't mix match Shifter Assembly with Cables from Accord and Prelude.

We also have the EG/DC Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit for H/F Motors. Definetly a must once you get the car going. Prevents wheel hop and torque steer and the Front Torque Mount Kit will prevent unwanted engine movement and force more power to the ground. Please Email or Call us with any other questions or wanting to purchase. Thanks-John