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Explicit Speed Performance
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4 point 88-91 prelude rear strut brace

Could you fab a 4 point rear with a swivel up at the towers? I really like the design and fab, I just like the piece and mind of carrying a spare. With the current 4 point, you would have to completely remove the brace before you could gain access to the spare.

Love you gear, keep up the good work and expect an order early next summer.


Re: 4 point 88-91 prelude rear strut brace

Thanks for the post. You may be able to slide the space saver from front of the car and fold down the back seats to get it out. Or we can make both end plates a bolt in so you can loosen the 2 bolts on the end plates and undo the rear 2 point bolts and have it swivel up. Email me with any other questions. Thanks-John