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turning right makes car feel jerky - 91 civic hatch

So after completing my project car (91 civic hatch) I take it out for a spin and notice right away that when I turn the wheel to the right that something isn't right. It's kinda hard to feels as if I am getting wheel hop of sorts. When I turn the wheel right it starts to become jerky some and I can hear/feel noise. It isn't a constant noise when I turn right it is like a pop pop pop pop pop. But it only does this when I am turning right. Whenever I turn the left, the car is perfectly fine and smooth, same with when I am going straight.

Stuff that matters: h22a engine with cv axles to work with the 91 civic hatch (raxles), new tokico illumina shocks, new skunk2 coilovers (dropped about 2" all around), esp front cross member/mounts/strut bars, new powersteering rack (looped with a reservoir since i don't have any ps components), when we replaced the rack we aligned the wheels as as straight as possible using multiple measurements. all other suspension parts are stock, and wheels are mounted and balanced.

Could it still just be an alignment issue? I have also heard that wheel bearings may create this same problem...

Re: turning right makes car feel jerky - 91 civic hatch

Hello, thanks for the post. Correct wheel bearings could cause a similar issue or I would check all suspension bushings on the left side, check for tears etc. Usually if it's an axle issue, usually opposite side that is the issue when turning to that side. Turning right may be driver side. Usually a bearing can make a wherrling kinda noise when it's going out. Keep us posted! Thanks-John

Re: turning right makes car feel jerky - 91 civic hatch

So after looking at suspension bushing and ball joints they all looked good. So I figured it must be some kind of axle alignment/binding issue, I raised the car 1.5 cm and that fixed the issue.