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H22a CRX Automatic?

I have had my car at a shop for a couple months now who have been working on an H22a w/tranny swap for my CRX, this is an AUTOMATIC swap and has given the shop a headache as the wiring from the engine bay seems trickier as there is an extra piece which looks like a 2nd ecu to wire up to the tranny. Either the guys are stumped or I'm getting lied to and these cats are taking their sweet time on it.

As far as I know this auto swap has not been done yet and these guys are having trouble.. I do have pics but would like to know if there is a resource to find the complete wiring for an auto h22 Prelude.

Re: H22a CRX Automatic?

to clarify this is a 90 CRX DX body with a JDM h22a CRX swap already bolted down, she starts right up but the wiring for the tranny is holding us back?

Also having hood clearance issues as it is resting on the valve cover. I wouldn't mind sharing pics either if anyone can help.

Re: H22a CRX Automatic?

Hello, thanks for the post. Is this with our mount kit? If so shouldnt be hitting the hood should be atleast 1/2" of clearance.

As for the Auto they are right the wiring is involved second set for the auto tranny and auto trans computer. No fun and time consuming. Correct no one has done this. Only other option is to have a true Honda Tech work out the wiring with you on the car. Best bet would be to see if honda has a wiring schematic check with the local honda dealership and the parts section see if they can print it off for you. 92-95 SI model Prelude Auto -John

Re: H22a CRX Automatic?

Thanks for replying! The mount kit comes from Innovative as well as the alternator relocator bracket. Not sure where the traction bar and custom axles came from. My Tokico blue shocks are being used as well as some accord coilover kit or something like that. They want to relocate the battery to the trunk which is fine by me but I want to keep my bumps as well:) They said another option would be to put a smaller battery under the hood, I didn't like that idea. Thanks for your recommendation, we will attempt to get that schematic tomorrow!