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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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H22a 5 Speed into 91 honda accord exr 2door automatic

Hey, Im wondering what i will need to replace my stock f22 automatic in a 2door honda accord with a h22a 5speed? the prices and also cost, i live in ontario canada. thank you

Re: H22a 5 Speed into 91 honda accord exr 2door automatic

Hello, thanks for the inquire. Yes we do offer if going from Auto to 5 spd a CB 90-93 Accord Auto to 5 spd Motor Mount Kit. Comes with the driver, the rear and the special Transmission Auto to 5 spd Mount. Transmission mount comes with the H pattern so if your using a H22 5 spd trans simple bolt in. Comes standard semi gloss black powder coating and choice of Red or Black insert colors. Or for a little extra have 150 other powder coating colors to choose from. Check with me on color and price. Wait time is about 5-7 weeks right now. Everyhing we make is hand made and made upon purchase. Please Email with any other questions usually quickest to reach me.

Price is $275 shipped US with US postal money order or $284 shipped US with Paypal.

You will need a 92-96 Prelude Automatic or 5 spd Rear T Bracket or a 90-93 Accord Dx or Lx 5 spd Rear T Bracket. Ex and ExR and SE have a different Rear T Bracket that can't be used.